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The LIVE Charity Celebrity Weet-Bix Box Auction

This morning in Sydney an exciting celebrity/artist charity auction went LIVE @ 11am to support youth charity REACHOUT to inspire Australia’s youth, to live their best life and remind them they can do it their way – be anything they want to be!!

The LIVE Charity Celebrity Weet-Bix Box Auction featured some of Australia’s much loved artists such as Aussie music artists Reece Mastin, Damien Leith and Amber Lawrence participating. Along with talented and inspirational Australian artists Paul Robertson, Adriana Picker, Will Lynes and Indigenous artist Paul McCann just to name a few…we also have Youtube star and singer Alli Simpson and her little brother and the gorgeous International model with Downs Syndrome, Madeline Clark.


Weet-Bix have collaborated with a range of Australian visual and music artists to decorate a white Weet-Bix box with the design being all about 'How Do You Do Yours’. These incredible artists have then donated their time and energy in creating a unique Weet-Bix box, with 100% of proceeds going to youth charity ReachOut.

The auction is live from today, finishing next Friday 29th April and you can bid on your favourite artists artwork and support this amazing charity.

To bid on these amazing boxes please go to - HowDoYouDoYours

Other contributing artists:

Benja Harney – paper artist

Adriana Picker – Botanica artist

Rilla Alexander – illustrator

Paul McCann – indigenous artist

Nathan Jurevicius – Graphic artist

Paul Robertson – pixel artist

Will Lynes – Hand-painted sign writing

Reece Mastin – music artist

Alli Simpson – Youtube star and music artist

Tom Simpson – Alli’s Simpsons brother

Amber Lawrence – award winning country music artist

Damien Leith – Australian Music Artist

Stephanie Gilmore – Professional surfer

Madeline Clark – International model with Downs Syndrome

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