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Car 256 a'66 HR Holden is embarking on its 6th straight Variety Bash

In August this year Gavin Little and his Car 256, a 1966 HR Holden, is embarking on his sixth straight Variety Bash.

The Bash is Australia's largest motoring event with participants travelling to rural parts of Australia, at the same time raising money for disadvantaged and special needs children. Throughout the Bash, participants visit local towns, stopping into the schools to visit the kids (some schools only having 5 students).

Bashers get to see the smiles of the kids they've helped and provide them with equipment to assist their education or disability. Over $200 million has been raised through the Variety Bash since it started in 1985.

Variety, the Children’s Charity impacted the lives of 135,878 Australian children and the NSW Variety B to B Bash raised over $2,000,000 in 2015.

It costs $8,500 (minimum) to enter a vehicle in the NSW B to B Bash. This money is a donation and therefore is tax deductible. Gavin is looking for new car sponsors this year as he travels from Berowra to Bowen in QLD. The route is as follows;

Day 1. Sun 21st August

Berowra – Ellerston – Armidale = 533 km

Day 2. Monday 22nd August

Armidale – Bellata – Lightning Ridge = 482km

Day 3.Tuesday 23rd August

Lightning Ridge – Bollon – Charleville = 498 km

Day 4/5 Wednesday 24th August

Charleville – Blackall – Longreach = 563 km

Day 6. Friday 26th August

Longreach – Muttaburra – Hughenden = 542 km

Day 7. Saturday 27th August

Hughenden – Greenvale – Charters Towers = 587 km

Day 8. Sunday 28th August

Charters Towers – Scartwater – Bowen = 504 km

Day 9. Monday 29th August

Bowen – Shute Harbour – Hamilton Island = 101 km

Donations of any size are much appreciated. Businesses who donate the most sponsorship dollars are allowed the largest advertising space on the car. Sponsors are most welcome to use the car for their own promotion of their business. Car 256 uses social media to promote the trip to achieve maximum exposure and their sponsors and themselves in the local area, and everywhere else they travel. Sydney Chic will also share Gavin's Social Media on our Twitter, Facebook & Instagram and all sponsors will be mentioned on any posts Sydney Chic creates about the journey.

If you are interested in sponsoring bash car 256, please contact Gavin on 0421274680 or email Alternatively, you can go to the donation page.


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