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Citizen Wolf Bespoke Tees

I recently heard about Citizen Wolf which is a company that helps you create bespoke tees, so I dropped in to pay a visit and find out how this process works. I met with Eric Phu and Zoltan Csaki the Founders, in their premises in Goulburn Street, Surry Hills.

Zoltan (left) Eric (Right)

Step one: Wear the Guide Tee

The Guide Tee is to help you get your tee tailored exactly to your liking and body shape. My first thought when I tried on the tee was how luxurious the fabric is. It's actually 180gsm organic cotton. I tried on two sizes and with Eric's help decided to go for the smaller fitted size. The tailoring is a pretty easy process, Eric had a guide chart and he marked out where I wanted my tee to be taken in, what length I wanted it and to choose the length and shape of the sleeve.

Step Two: Customise the Tee

With a range of three colours to choose from I chose the black. Then I decided on a raw edge for the hemming, and a V-Neck and also opted for a pocket. It's a casual look so I'll get a lot of wear from mine because I wear jeans and tees whenever I can get away with it. The pic below is me trying on the Guide Tee (via instagram).

Step Three: Wait for the Tee to be handmade

It takes a couple of week's for the tees to be made and they are made in Australia. Thumbs up to that one!

It's a simple as that. If you can't get into the shop hop on the website and follow the instructions.

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