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Franck Provost Paddington & Double Bay Salons Announce New Brand Ambassador .....

......and that would be me!

I'm thrilled to take on the role of Brand Ambassador for the Franck Provost Paddington and Double Bay Salons in Sydney. I never take these roles lightly as being a Brand Ambassador does mean always showcasing the brand whenever an opportunity comes up.

As a blogger, I receive many invitations to events and I prefer minimal effort in getting ready, therefore having a good haircut that it easy to style is important to me. I'm thrilled to be in the good hands of the Franck Provost Paddington team with their stylist Cyrille Moureau, who I have known for a couple of years now.

Glen Fitzgerald and his team will ensure that your hair appointment is luxurious and you walk out of the salon feeling fabulous. I certainly did!

Left (Deb with Glen) Right (Deb with Cyrille)

The Salon is beautifully decorated with lots of light. Of course a glass of bubbles goes well too when having your hair done!

My first appointment at the Paddington salon was to fix up my colour (self coloured at home oops).. and get the cut back to what I wanted; short and slicked back off my face and easy for me to style myself. Bingo! We did it! Next step is to add some Balayage to lighten the colour a bit, which we will do at the next appointment.


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