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Help! I'm Stuck In A Vicious Hair Cycle!

Welcome to my first official post as your Style Editor here @SydneyChic… It makes perfect sense for me to start with a hair related blog from my very own salon. I am lucky enough to be franchisee and owner operator of two Franck Provost Hair salons.

Franck Provost Paris is the leading Hair Salon brand in France, created by Franck Provost himself in 1975. It is part of the group Provalliance, the number 1 in the Hair salon industry in Europe and number 2 in the world. In Australia our presence has greatly expanded to now 23 salons and counting. I am lucky enough to be the owner of two, in Sydney's beautiful Eastern suburbs of Double Bay and Paddington. We are major partners with Loreal Paris and Kerastase, brands synonymous with quality and luxury in the hair industry.

Recently we welcomed your Sydney Chic founder and editor in chief, Deb Carr as our Brand Ambassador. And then it was time for Deb's appointment which is the "case in point" for my blog today.

Like most women, Deb was stuck in a "vicious hair cycle!"…. Having lost touch with her favourite hairdresser some time ago she had since then found herself in an endless cycle of "trying out" new hairdressers only to end up more miserable and discontented. Her plight culminated in actually crying when she got home from one appointment where she perhaps mis-guidingly placed too much faith in her hairdresser and ended up with what was possibly the worst cut of her life.

After that experience, Deb virtually gave up, disillusioned with the whole hairdressing experience. She instead reverted to home colours and simple maintenance cuts. This seemed to be working just fine for a period of a couple of months but then increasingly Deb lost the shape of her "style cut" that she used to wear with such resplendence and confidence and her colour became increasingly dark.

Continued build up of colour was a big issue as it can be for anyone doing their own colour at home. In an effort to cover the greys and keep the colour even and shiny, Deb had been covering the same stands of hair each time she applied meaning that over time it just became darker and darker.

It was time for a makeover - to take Deb back to where she belonged. Light and fresh, sassy and sexy but always with a distinct air of grace and femininity.

She visited us excitedly at our Paddington boutique studio which, although small, is just a lovely cosy space with a wonderful ambience. We are located at 110 Boundary St Paddington which actually directly crosses over to Darlinghurst and then down to Rushcutters Bay. We are in a tree lined street and in a row of buzzy little cafes. It's the perfect location and it was a great spot for Deb's makeover!

So first the colour!! We need to lighten Deb up but we don't want to do this drastically after her hair had been so dark. If we try to go too light too soon two things will happen - 1/ damage and 2/ the hair will go orange and brassy…. Things no woman wants!!! So on this visit we started with a base root colour and took it through to the ends almost in an amber venitien style. The result was that Deb's hair now once again had light and shade, instead of being a flat boring block colour! Next time we will employ techniques of subtle balayage to create more transparency but always keep warmer, chocolate, mocha and toffee tones as opposed to blondes.

With the cut Deb's hair had begun to look more like a lego lady with a block helmet that was disconnected and didn't reflect her beautiful style. Master Stylist, Cyril Moureau decided that Deb needed a version of an undercut, but it needed to be soft and blended. By employing beautiful scissor over comb techniques Cyril tapered in her sides, but without leaving her looking harsh, The hair framed the face gently but elongated her face shape in the process taking weight away and at the sam time, enhancing her natural cheek structure and jawline.

With the top of her hair Deb had been struggling to achieve any real body and volume. She had enjoyed wearing it slicked back but had been forced to use a lot of product to achieve the look. This was because the hair needed to be texturised in a way to give it the natural shape she desired. Again using his expertise, Cyril, feathered through her hair in just the right amounts and places so that she now has effortless body of movement. It feels softer and lighter but gives the appearance of more volume, perfect for her sassy fashion style!

Deb left our salon beaming from ear to ear and she knew then and there that she was out of her vicious hair cycle of giving up on bad haircuts and resorting to home packet colours. She didn't realise how much of a difference it could make to how you feel to have the right hair because she had forgotten! There are a lot of you out there with hair woes but don't despair there is always a solution.

In my next hair blog in the coming weeks I'm going to talk about frizzy hair that is unruly, rebellious and unmanageable. If this sounds like you stay tuned. Chat soon and keep enjoying Sydney's "Life" STYLE.


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