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Luxury Was Here - in "Black & Gold" Reebonz Sydney 3rd Birthday Party

Recently your Style guru and Editor Extraordinaire attended together the 3rd Birthday event for Reebonz Australia.

It was a glamour filled evening held at their flagship George St store. With cameras flashing and champagne flowing the who's who and glitterati of Sydney's fashion scene gathered together to recognize the success of this great concept.

Surrounded by a gorgeous range of luxury handbags from brands such as Saint Laurent, Prada, Chanel and Hermès we glided through the room decorated extravagantly in Black and Gold. Ms Carr and myself were noteworthy indeed in our themed style outfits from Leona Edminston and Calibre Australia respectively.

As we sipped the best of Australian regional sparkling wine and mingled with our fellow stylists and fashionistas we couldn't help but admire this brilliant concept! Reebonz is all about luxury goods offered online at attainable prices and with a distinct guarantee of authenticity, quality and of course in mint condition.

We were in fact treated to a mini fashion parade of these such items which certainly attested to their brand ethos! This was the prelude to the highlight of the evening which was of course the charity auction for White Ribbon, hosted by the chic Nadia Fairfax.

All for a great cause and to generally celebrate beautiful luxury items the fashions room turned into a bidding Frenzy as we all clambered for a taste of "luxury"!

This was certainly a fun night but in all seriousness we here at Sydney Chic and your Style Editor in particular urge you to visit and treat yourself to a little bit of private, quiet and indeed luxurious indulgence of perusing and perhaps even purchasing one of their amazing pieces . P.S. our favourite was the Saint Laurent clutch in black .... Chic, chic, chic.

And remember Sydney - fashion comes and goes, but Style is eternal.

See you soon,


White Ribbon Charity


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