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Griffin Theatre's Short Video on Intimacy

One of Sydney’s oldest theatre companies, Griffin relies on donor support to continue its performances and artistic development programs. Ticket sales only raise 35% of operating costs so each year, the Company makes a call for donations. And with reduced federal funding this year, Griffin hopes to garner more support from the wider community.

Based in King’s Cross, Griffin is the epitome of intimate theatre. Its small theatre space has a capacity of just over 100, so the audience gets a much more up-close-and-personal experience at Griffin than at other venues.

RE in collaboration with Jack Naylor of Collider created a confronting and compelling piece that explores what intimacy means in its many forms. With a script by standout Australian playwright Suzie Miller and a cast of exceptional Griffin talent including Huw Higginson, Miranda Tapsell and Lucia Mastrantone – the film encapsulates the experience of being at Griffin.

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