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How to Find a Recommended Real Estate Agent in Sydney you can Trust

Photo: Elizabeth Bay Sydney by Deb Carr

Sydney is notorious for it’s property market and I’ve heard of some horror stories about unscrupulous real estate agents in my time, so if you selling or purchasing a property, where do you go to find a good agent who comes recommended? Well I have the answer for you; RateMyAgent is a website that helps vendors find a recommended real estate agent to manage the sale of their home and is a useful tool for anyone looking to sell/purchase a property.

RateMyAgent's main focus is to help vendors find the right agent by searching the database and reading the reviews and success rates of Real Estate Agents. This is especially valuable to people who are purchasing/selling for the first time in Sydney and haven’t had any relationships with Real Estate Agents before.

The site is amassing 3,100+ reviews every week from genuine vendors and all vendor reviews are linked to actual property sale details (address sale date, sale method, images, floor plan, etc.) so users can see agents selling homes similar to their own and choose someone who has a good track record.

RateMyAgent allows users to see the most recommended agents per suburb/region, most number of sales, highest average sale price, and number of active listings.

With Sydney property prices the way they are, choosing the wrong agent to sell your property could potentially lose you thousands of dollars. Personally I think having referrals and ratings of Real Estate Agents, from vendors who have successfully sold their property is peace of mind.

Anyone can create an online profile for themselves and claim to be the ‘best’ or ‘expert’ but knowing that a particular agent has ‘earned their stripes’ with repeat business, successful sales and complete transparency can now be found through RateMyAgent’s search tool.

I’ve had a good look around this website and it would certainly be a site I would refer to if I were selling a property. It’s all there in black and white; the success stories, recommendations and how much the agent has sold in total.


DISCLAIMER Sydney Chic collaborated with RateMyAgent to write this post.

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