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Two Great Beauty Products to get you Through Winter

Alpha Keri Slimming Serum

Alpha Keri Fat Burner.

This is one of the most unusual products I have come across because you apply it and it feels hot! That's right, you can feel your skin heat up. Alpha Keri claim that you can slim, shape and reduce fat accumulation on your waist, tummy, hips & thighs and feel confident to show your skin off.

The serum is concentrated with powerful actives, proven to help reduce localised fat. Fat Burner + Caffeine Pro-complex and Gluco Blocker technology work in synergy to help boost metabolism speed & break down fat tissue encouraging drainage of excess fluid and the excretion of toxins from the body. You can refer to the website for the figures on studies and the great results.

Personally I love it because it makes me feel so warm in winter. The truth is I can't tell you if the serum has worked for me, because I have lost weight, but I've also cut out wine for Dry July and I've slimmed down quite a bit so maybe a combination of both?

I'm also using the other range of products that are for slimming and you can check them out here.

Alpha Keri's Brand Ambassador, Sam Frost.

Natural Instinct Skin and Hair Care

I am totally loving Natural Instinct's Skin Refining Oil, Plump and Renew Serum and Dark Circle Wrinkle Correction eye creme. The cleansing serum is remarkable and smells divine. These products use natural ingredients and the oil has certified Argan and Rosemary extract. Some more information on these three below, but you will have to wait until August before it hits the shelves. Available at Priceline, and you can visit for more product information.

Natural Instinct Skin Refining Cleansing Oil is packed with beautiful botanical extracts to gently cleanse the skin and with up to 20% improvement in skin tone observed in dermatological testing, it’s definitely a hydrating winter cleansing essential and I find it especially hydrating.

The Natural Instinct Plump and Renew Serum is a multi-action daily serum with 57% of women achieving a visible reduction of wrinkles in clinical testing. I'm not going to say that it's reduced my wrinkles because I haven't been using it long enough, but I will say, I love the lightness of this serum and my skin looks healthier to me.

Natural Instinct Dark Circle + Wrinkle Correction Eye Crème a beautiful blend of natural extracts & active natural ingredients that testing results showed a 25% wrinkle reduction in 6 weeks. It's a light eye cream and you only need a little to dab around your eyes.

Natural Instinct ambassador, is holistic nutritionist and wellbeing specialist, Lee Holmes.

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