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Sydney Restaurant Review: Meditrainean Crows Nest

Meditrainean Crows Nest Sydney

Yes that is the right spelling! Meditrainean is a great new concept in Crows Nest that I think will be a huge hit with Sydney Foodies. Think sushi train and replace the sushi with Mediterranean Dishes that are fresh, tasty and quite frankly - awesome!

I tried to choose a quiet time to do my review during lunch, however today was anything but quiet with a camera crew and lots of people arriving for lunch. Considering they have only just opened that has to be a good sign.

The venue is really fresh and vibrant. Decorating in blues and whites with a sushi train that is quite long. Downstairs is a more formal eating area and which also serves as a function room.

As well as the dishes on the 'train', customers can order from the kitchen and the flame grill. Basically this restaurant has it all covered.

Sydney Restaurant Reviews

Mussels 6.90 - stuffed and spiced with caramelised onion, rice and lemon. This was my starter from the train. The mussels were generous! Fabulous dish, easy to eat and lots of taste.

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Stuffed Zucchini 6.90 - Again from the train. Stuffed with lamb, rice, leek, tomato and herbs. Sensational dish, flavoursome and a great combination of ingredients.

Meatballs 6.90. Made to order. Napolitana with beef, onion, carrot, celery, parsley, oregano and paprika wiht shaved grana padano. Perfect for a cold winter's day. Loved this one, very authentic and if you love meatballs you will most likely love these from Meditrainean.

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Roast Quince 6.90. Creme fraiche, halva and rose petals. I'm not big on deserts however I'm sure glad I tried this one. This fabulous dish is delicious. I've never had halva before and I still can't figure out what it reminds me of, I think honeycomb? This great combination was such a winner.

I turned up alone (I often do reviews by myself) and stopped myself at four dishes only because I was full, but I could have easily kept going!

I really love this concept and hope they open up one in the Eastern Suburbs. Meditrainean is both BYO and licensed.

Choose from the train: Dips $4.90, Salads $6.90, Small plates $6.90, Desserts $6.90.

Made to order: Small plates $6.90, Grills $9.90, Seafood $12.90

Shared Dining: Feasts for Two $55 - $120

Kids: $13 - $18

Also a nice selection of wines, beers, a few spirits. For the non-drinkers; water, carbonated drinks, smoothies and juices.

Australian produce is used whenever possible.


I dined as a guest of Meditrainean; this doesn't influence my opinion. Please read Sydney Chic's full DISCLAIMER

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