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Dresden Recycled and Interchangeable Prescription Glasses

When Dresden Optics opened up in my local area (Potts Point, Sydney) I was intrigued as to what was behind this brand of colourful prescription glasses priced from $49. So I popped into the store and made an appointment to have my eyes tested and get some new glasses. The first thing you notice at Dresden Optics is the rows of glasses, all the same style, but in an abundance of colours. Plus a pair or prescription glasses start at just $49 and Multi-focals $249.

Now these glasses won't be for everyone, especially those that love their designer brands, however I'm a bit of Greenie and I love the fact that these glasses are made from recycled material, and some from the ocean. Think old fishing nets being recycled into glasses!

Everything’s interchangeable, everything’s recyclable. Precision Zeiss lenses cut on-the-spot to your prescription. Ultra-durable, lightweight frames, pins and arms in the colours you choose, giving you the freedom to create and change your look.

When I had my eye test Carina took great care of me. As it turns out I needed both reading and multi's so after my test she handed me over to Alex, who helped me choose my colours and size and made the reading glasses on the spot! Yes I walked out with my new glasses but needed to wait a few days for the multi-focals. As I type this now with the readers, I can say I'm very happy with the results and still adjusting to wearing multi-focals. I chose the readers to have clear frames and with aqua sides, and the multi-focals I chose all aqua, so I could tell the difference but still keep to my look.

The Dresden system is built around a single frame style in four sizes in a vast array of colours. All parts are interchangeable, even the lenses. So you can easily have many different looks.

I actually need to go back to Carina and be tested for Glaucoma and I'm only mentioning this here because I wanted to stay, Carina followed me up to make the appointment because I'm a bit slack like that, and that just shows another part of the 'care factor' the Dresden team have for their clients.

If are looking for some eco-friendly and colourful prescription glasses, and don't want to spend a fortune on fancy frames, then try Dresden Optics.

The bottom line for me is I have now two pairs of prescription glasses that cost me under $300 and the eye test was mostly refunded back from Medicare.

Dresden Optics

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