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It's the Ab Fab Movie Review Sweetie Darling

It's hard to believe that its been 25 years since this debaucherous and wickedly funny British satirical comedy hit the small screen focusing around the lives and friendship of relentlessly insecure PR guru Edina Monsoon and her booze swishing, cocaine snorting 'Fash Editor', Patsy Stone.

Now on the big screen and larger than life Edina and Patsy are still oozing glitz and glamour, living the high life they are accustomed to: shopping, drinking and clubbing their way around London's trendiest hot spots.

I remember loving "the girls" when I first saw them as a teenager and I've seen every episode multiple times to continued delight. Now I love watching it with my son Danté who adores them. I know it's not necessarily child appropriate but he loves and in the words of Edina herself "cheer up world it may never bloody happen." Meaning lighten up and enjoy yourselves !!! We've been excited about this movie premiere since we first heard that the film was being made and finally the evening arrived as we hit the Lux lounge at Hoyts this week to enjoy the Sydney gala screening.

Without a doubt I was not disappointed as we were reunited with Eddy and Patsy, Saffy and Bubbles along with mother who is now in her 90's and every other memorable character from the series. Time has moved on but everything is just as it was - living the champagne life, getting drunk at events and then questioning the meaning of existence whilst shopping to make yourself feel better! Sounds like our jobs here at Sydney Chic…

Witty, hilarious, cheeky, ridiculous, and with a bevy of superstar cameo appearances the #AbFabMovie will have you "rolling in the aisles". Special guests appearances are everywhere from Jerry Hall to Lulu, Emma Bunton, Rebel Wilson, Graham Norton, Joan Collins, Dawn French, Cara Delevigne, Jean Paul Gaultier, Perez Hilton, Barry Humphries and even the effervescent Dame Edna Everage.

From the chic London fashion scene to the glamour of the French Riviera we are taken on a hilarious journey with the girls as they flee home to escape a PR disaster of "monumental bloody buggery proportions sweetie darling"….

Without giving away the plot basically Eddy finds herself on the run after she "accidentally" kills superstar model Kate Moss whilst desperately trying to get her as a PR client. Chaos ensues and the only solution is to head to the south of France where "everyone is a criminal darling." Here the fun only gets better!

If you loved the show then you're in for a complete treat because it’s a reunion like no other. The fashion, the music, the lights, the models, the guest lists - its all there - "just do your best darling". And what could be more Absolutely Fabulous than Kylie's rendition of "Wheels on Fire" as the main theme to the whole movie.

With the Bollinger flowing and dressed in style for the red carpet your Style Editor @sydney_style_man and @leo_pimpa_leo had a fabulous evening watching this year’s biggest comedy hit with thanks to @Nuffnangau. Head to now to secure your seats and let the fun begin! And it's all in the love of PR - what is that I hear you ask?... confused little faces… “PR! I PR things! People. Places. Concepts.” It's all just soooooooo Sydney Chic.

And in terms of the fashion style in the movie, who could ask for more. The shows costume designer Rebecca Hale must have had a blast putting together all of these outfits. Among the many labels featured are a mix of well-known British brands—Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Mulberry, Anya Hindmarch, Jaeger—and emerging designers like Giles Deacon, Vin + Omi, Shrimps, Tallulah & Hope, and more. Apparently some of the A listers Stella McCartney, Jerry Hall, Kate Moss, John Paul Gaultier—supplied their own clothes.

All of this adds up to an oh-so-Sydney-chic AbFab fashion spree bettering even fashion week itself!

See you there style people!



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