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Whiten Your Teeth at Home Like a Professional

I recently purchased a Teeth Whitening Kit to help eliminate those red wine and coffee stains from my teeth made by Love My Teeth.

These kits at a cost of $149 but I noticed they are now on special for $97. Love My Teeth home whitening kits are very similar to those whitening stations you see in shopping centres where they add a formula to your teeth and use an LED light to activate it. My kit instructions were easy to use. First, I had to soften the mouthguard in hot water and mould it to my teeth. Next I added the formula to the guard, place the LED light on it and sit for up to an hour. I have been doing this as I work or at night, if I'm watching a movie or surfing the net.

I can't believe I'm actually publishing this photo...but.....ta da and LOL.

I'll be honest it is not the most comfortable thing to do and by the time each session was over it was like ......gasp....relief. However for a little inconvenience I have seen great results and you can check the before and after photos of lots of other people who have used this system.

I have quite sensitive teeth so I have also been using the blue coloured remineralisation gel and that is a big help.

The kit comes in a nice box, and I personally think the value is very good, very clear with uncomplicated instructions. It is certainly worth using this system to brighten up your teeth and does not cost a fortune.


18% carbamide peroxide in our products for fast & safe results

LED Light helps the whitening gel oxidise faster, which means stronger results

Enamel safe (but follow instructions correctly)

Clinically proven

Not tested on animals

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