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Woodfolk: Ethical homewares, jewellery and accessories launch Spring Flow range

Woodfolk Homewares

Julia Denes maybe petite but one thing for sure, she's making a large impact on sustainable living in this world. Julia is the Founder of Woodfolk and comes with a designer and jeweller background of 10+ years’ experience creating fine Jewellery for prominent jewellery houses around Australia and for private clients.

Julia Denes

Julia has swapped fine jewelley to follow her love for natural materials, launching Woodfolk in August 2013. Woodfolk products are designed in Australia by Julia, and handmade in collaboration with Nepali artisans, throughout Nepal. This process brings employment to Nepalese families who can use their skills to create beautiful items of jewellery, homewares and accessories.

I had the pleasure of meeting Julia on the Launch of the Spring Flow range, and was not only impressed with the quality and beauty of the items I saw, was even more so that someone could create such a business that is ethical and contributes to the lives of many. I almost had "career envy" wondering why I never took a path to create a business that makes a difference to other people's lives.

woodfolk jewellery

Julia explains the name 'Woodfolk' came from two parts. The first was ‘Wood’ which represents nature, earth, grounding, depth, foundation. The second part ‘Folk’ represents people, community, light-heartedness, as well as a love of Folk music and its story telling.

Julia is committed to working with small family-run businesses as well as women focused organisations, creating opportunity, self-determination, support and hope in these communities through social entrepreneurship. She has built relationships built on trust and equality and providing an outlet for families to be able to support themselves and not rely on aid.

It goes without saying that Woodstock are committed to the environment and all products are created using wood, ceramic, cotton and linen; all sustainable items provided by nature.

Woodfolk acessessories

Woodfolk is a member of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand.

All Woodfolk pieces are packaged in our 100% cotton pouches that have been handmade by a women’s organisation in Nepal. They use 100% recycled paper, and traditional ink and hand pressed stamps for all of our branding and packaging.

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