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Four beauty items that won't break the bank

As a young girl I lived in Dunedin, New Zealand and one of my favourite things to do was wander around the local chemist looking at perfumes, makeup and skincare. I was recently sent some items to try, and they immediately took me back to those carefree days of being a 12-year-old fascinated with all things beauty.

Which brings me to my first item that I'm writing about. 4711. It's a timeless fragrance rich in history and has been around a lot longer than even me! 4711 Eau de Cologne has a history of over 222 years so they must be doing something right. What makes up this gorgeous scent is still a closely guarded secret, however we do know that the top notes are bergamot, lemon and orange, middle notes of rosemary and rose and a delicate musky base.

This iconic brand appears as James Bond’s Aston-Martin number plate in Goldfinger and the iconic 4711 logo can even be seen tattooed on the upper thigh of Frank N Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It has an unchallenged social standing as a symbol of the fragrance world. I love this fragrance and have been wearing it a lot since receiving it.

Prices start from $11.99 or a 25ml splash bottle so very affordable.

Here's another one of my instagram pics, this little beauty is a yellow mineral deep cleanse by Hibou. I've used it a few times now and it does give my face that rejuvenated feeling. It's easy to apply and doesn't give that dry clay feel. I also find it very easy to wash off with no embarrassing traces of dried mud let around neck that I hadn't noticed when I left house - #guiltyof

This mask is a great way to remove dead skin and give the face a little detox. The mask is blended with rose infused water and rosemary extract and is free from parabens, artificial fragrances and preservatives.

I also like that the mask is made of Australian sourced ingredients that are gluten free and vegan friendly. Ideal for all skin types, including those affected by psoriasis, eczema and acne, the mask retails from $30 and is available nationally at

The Freeman Feeling Beautiful Range and the Freeman Face Treatments are very affordable

I love this foot scrub although I don't use it just on my feet, I use it for my whole body. It's a nice fine scrub with the scent of peppermint. It certainly helps to smooth the skin. Freeman's make quite a range of products from masks to scrubs and are very affordable at $2.99 for the satchet, however I think $9.99 for the tube is far more economical.

The Mineral Masque took me by surprise as I thought it was going to be like a clay, but in fact it is more like a scrub with very fine particles, and it does a great job. As is one of my habits, I usually try products on other parts of my skin so I've been using both the above for hand treatment as well with nice results.

Freeman's facial treatments are

Apricot Creamy Scrub

Blackberry Gel Facial Cleanser

Avocado & Oatmeal Foaming Facial Cleanser

Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask

Dead Sea Minerals Foaming Facial Cleanser

Freeman's facial masks include

Acai Purifying Clay Mask

Dead Sea Minerals Anti-stress mask

Diamond Mineral Rinse mask

Golden Grain Brightening mask

Cucumber Peel-off mask

Pomegranate Revealing Peel-off mask

Freeman's Foot Treatments

Peppermint and Plum foot lotion’/balm

Lemon and Sage foot scrub

These products also remind me of the days I would wander through the chemist looking at the beauty products on offer. You will find Freeman at your supermarket.

Now off I go to do a hand scrub!

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