Parrot releases two new drones: Swing and Mambo

I had a sneak preview of Parrot's new mini drone and the Parrot Mambo this week which was a bit of fun, especially ducking for cover with some 'drivers' being a little out of control. As you can see from the video I took (below), these drones are pretty awesome. No doubt there will be lots of Christmas stockings filled with drones this year as not only are these mini robots getting smarter they are getting cheaper too, starting at $199. Mind you I can't help visualising walking through the park trying to avoid swooping drones - forget the Magpies they have nothing on these guys!

Parrot Swing:

The first plane Minidrone with vertical take-off, which switches from quadricopter mode to plane mode in a flash making it ideal for racing. This drone is very agile, and shows the full extent of its power when it performs aerobatics at high speed: it turns right, left, does U-turns, half-flips and loops, all with amazing fluidity and stability!

  • Up to 8min depending on the piloting mode Fast charge 25 min. (with not included 2.6A charger)

  • Weight: 73 gr

  • 6h (Charge 2h)

  • Smartphones holder 160x78x9,8 mm max

  • Weight with the Smartphone holder: 295 gr

  • AU$229.99 / NZ$249.00 (Parrot Swing + Parrot Flypad) Flypad: AU$69.99 / NZ$79.00 (Parrot Flypad - standalone)

Parrot Mambo:

The transforming drone with connected accessories to catch objects and throw projectiles. This is a powerful Minidrone which reaches speed of 30km/h and performs aerial acrobatics. Front, back or side loops, 90° or 180° turns... Parrot Mambo is a lively and agile acrobat in the air. I actually had a minidrone in my apartment earlier this year to review, and I kid you not, it jumped on my head, and I'm not making that up, shame that wasn't caught on camera! They are a lot of fun and I can see why people get so much enjoyment from drones.

  • Up to 9 min depending on the piloting mode

  • Weight: 63 gr

  • (Charge 2h)

  • Smartphones holder 160x78x9,8 mm max

  • Weight with the Smartphone holder: 295 gr

  • AU$199.99 / NZ$219.00 (with 2 accessories)


Parrot Flypad is the piloting remote control for Parrot Bluetooth Low Energy Minidrones6. It offers a precise piloting thanks to customisable joysticks and buttons. With Parrot Flypad, the user also benefits from a stable connection with the Swing at long distance, extending the range of Bluetooth Low Energy up to 60m.

AU$69.99 / NZ$79.00

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Available in October 2016.


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