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CK One Gold Represents More Than Just a Beautiful Perfume

CK One Gold

Like any iconic fashion brand, part of its success and longevity is the ability for it to reinvent itself. Such is the case with CK One Gold.

It's hard to believe that the original CK One was released 22 years ago, with its distinct fresh scent and ultimate wearability.

CK One revolutionised the perfume market by positioning itself as the first true gender neutral perfume.

CK One Gold

At the core of the brands success was its sex appeal, with empowering images of lithe androgynous models semi clad or near naked - and a non specific sexual preference evident throughout all of its advertising campaigns. CK One did and still does represent more than just a beautiful perfume. It carries with it brand ideals - strong concepts like independence, freedom, and even stronger messages - like ONE love, gender neutrality and sexual freedom.

This latest reincarnation adds an additional layer to the mix with a sense of style and lavishness, nuances of gold to embody the notion that today's youth are flawless and can do no wrong. The scent is a juicy, fresh, woody smell, capturing the golden allure of radiant youth. The top note of fig is said to create energy and the bright heart of neroli shines like the last rays of the setting sun. The base notes include vetiver, guaiac wood and patchouli. It's sweet but not too sweet, fresh but not too dry.

To celebrate this launch, Sydney Chic style editor, Glen Fitzgerald joined his partner Leo in a photoshoot which is lavish, sexy, fresh and cool all at once.

Whilst we know that not every one of our readers will appreciate the tone of the photos theres no denying its an impressive shoot that really captures this brand concept. CK One didn't get where it is today by being safe or boring. Beauty and fashion is as broad and aspirational as the imagination can take it and that's why brands become icons. A shoot like this connects with its audience and speaks to them, even if the message may be mixed like the audience who will consume it.


This post previews some of the photos from the shoot and you can enjoy even more content by following @sydneystyleman on instagram.

CK one is available now at all good retailers.

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