The Champagne Showdown

I'm such a Champagne tragic! I love the stuff, and I also thought I knew a thing or two about champagne until......I attended The Champagne Showdown, presented by Ben Hughes or the Australian Wine and Beer School.

Ben runs a number of wine and food matching events and the next one is 5th November on the Sydney Harbour "Rose is the new Blanc" you can book at - but back to Champagne!

Guests at the Champagne Showdown were seated and had six glasses in front of them on top of a number on the placemat. We were not told which champagne was in each glass; that would be revealed later. We were also asked to write down our favourite champagne before we started. The idea was that we were to rate our champagnes in each glass by:

  • Appearance

  • Smell

  • Taste

And then they are totalled up and the champagnes are revealed! Ta da! I'm going to confess up here, and this is oh so embarrassing; my favourite champagne ended up being my worst rated. Oops! Shows how much I know!

Throughout the class we also tasted some amazing varieties of cheese, and were educated on where they originate from. The goats cheese was to die for.

I was surprised how much I discovered about Champagne in Ben's class. I won't reveal all the secrets here because I think it would be great if you went yourself. I met some fabulous people and had a really great night, and I attended by myself.

I will give you one of Ben's secrets: Apparently a good goats cheese is super with a small drizzle of honey and a fresh thyme leaves.


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