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The Art of Accessorising

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With the Spring Racing and party season now upon us I wanted to write a series of pieces for the blog featuring some style tips and essential do's and don'ts. Do you ever wonder how certain people always seem to get it right with fashion no matter what they do? It's about having the right eye and sticking to a few basic rules. So be it mens or ladies fashion - the principles of style are the same and when it comes to accessorising, less is definitely best.

You see celebrities in magazines, or fashionistas plastered all over social media looking effortlessly stylish. Whilst you think its because they have thousands to spend on designer labels, or that they've been to see a stylist, sometimes its the small things they do that make the difference! The right pair of sunglasses, a well placed pocket square in a suit, a stylish clutch with an evening gown.. can all be the icing on the cake that takes ordinary to fabulous

Now, you don't need a bottomless wardrobe like mine to make the most of your look and your style. A few key pieces mixed up with the right accessories can be the key to achieve something runway-worthy or paparazzi ready. Putting the right accessories with the right outfit can transform your look from "beach to bar"; "office to dinner" or even "event to clubbing".

versace handbag

And the best part is that thanks to places like H&M,Top Shop, Zara and even Target, you can find amazing stylish accessories almost for any budget. Suddenly for a minimal investment you've made your small humble wardrobe in to something that it stylish, versatile and oh so Sydney Chic! You can even buy designer labels on special from our online store.

So remember what I always say first - "Style is not something you can fake - it has to be a reflection of you." Begin by choosing pieces that express your personality. Accessories are a way to have fun and be daring.

Also remember that accessories doesn't just mean jewellery - think sunglasses, scarves, the right bag, the right shoes, or for Melbourne Cup the right fascinator. I see so many women at this time of the year with amazing dresses on which have probably cost them hundreds of dollars, but the wrong selection of shoes, or a headpiece that doesn't complement the look means that she hasn't achieved style and she's wasted her money.

So here are my favourite tips for achieving "Sydney Chic" style with your accessorising...

1. Earrings are a great way to dress up an outfit, but remember they are there to complement your face and accentuate your style. If you have a small face don't automatically assume you need small earrings. You may opt for large, dangly, sparkly, but elegant. This will help balance your look. Equally, if you're already wearing something that is patterned, bold and daring don't then think that you need earrings to be the same. It's about balance, so select something understated that goes with the outfit instead of taking it on for attention.

Sydney blog

2. Necklaces - the trend is toward long, dangly, mohican or even tribal inspired bold pieces. But again, remember that these aren't for every body and every look. If you're not tall, lean and with the figure of "the Gucci girl" then a long dangly neckpiece can in fact look ridiculous - particularly if its gets lost somewhere between your cleavage and your belly button. My advice is to revisit the classics - be understated but on trend with a classic chain, have fun with beads or even explore your strong side with an elegant but bold choker.

sydney blogger

3. Shoes - it sounds simple but again it's about balance. Even recently at a fashion runway show I saw a look with a beautiful sophisticated tailored chiffon pants suit wearing open toe wedged sandals and I couldn't help but cringe. It's not that you can't mix and match but everything you choose has to complement the overall look. If you're wearing something a little more patterned choose a plain shoe. If you're wearing an outfit that is big - either flowing or bright or patterned then choose a shoe that works with the look - not fights it for attention. And I personally love to see a woman in heels. Particularly if you're not a size 8 Kate Moss look a like sporting the beach chic look. A beautiful pair of heels (at any height to suit age, style and your ability to actually walk in them) lifts, elevates, elongates and gives you that complete look of style that you're longing to achieve.

Sydney Fashion blog

4. Hair - hair itself is an accessory to any outfit and the right hair makes a massive difference to your style credibility. At my salon's in Paddington and Double Bay @franckprovostdoublebay whenever we have someone booked for a blow dry or an upstyle for an event the first thing I sit down and ask them is what they are wearing and what they are thinking with their makeup. For instance a white plunging neckline dress (think Laura Dundovic at the Style Runner event recently in Paddington) that is sharp and sexy commands hair that is tight, up, elegant and classic. Versus a flowing Leona Edmiston or a Camilla for a weekend summer event warrants a natural but glamorous voluminous blow dry. Or if your dress is an a-line shape with a bit of flair and flounce then be playful with your hair, half up and a little messy. Never ever just book a blow dry, upstyle or make up service without first chatting to the stylist about the look you're going for and how they can help you complement it most.

Laura Dundovic

5. Colour & pattern - enjoy it, love it, play with it but BE CAREFUL... less is best when it comes to combining too many colours and patterns together. On the runway last week I saw a lot of pattern - think tropical jungle vibes, animal prints and lots of bold shapes. I love to see something weird and wonderful that pushes the boundaries, but DO NOT end up looking like you got dressed in the dark with pieces that clash horribly. One bold statement piece is enough to any look. Even remember the vintage classics - if you're wearing a watermelon pink vintage Chanel tweed jacket then this is the star of the look - don't try and pair it then with other bold colours or print that take away from how fabulous it is!

Sydney Style Man

6. For the guys - we have magazines and fashionistas telling us all the time to have fun, be playful, be bold - but guys take it from me, reign it in just a little. I'm seeing so many guys with awesome suits, great looks, nice hair but then they let themselves down by wearing the wrong shoes, some horrible socks, no socks (which I love but it has to be the right outfit and the right occasion), a pocket square that does't match or a bad belt! For a summer event it can be great to wear shorter length pants, mixed suits (i e for a blue suit jacket with bone coloured suit pants), slip on brown leather Calibre shoes and no socks. BUT this look does not replicate to the no no ! Remember where you're going and select the right look for the right event.

Sydney Style Man

Now that you're equipped with these few essential style tips I want to see you all out there looking your best! Whether it be at a summer BBQ pool party or a black tie gala event I want to see you choosing accessories that reflect who you are - but more importantly go with what you're wearing.

Until next time, stay stylish Sydney ... Glen x

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