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Kendal Jenner Wears Bianca Spender

Kendal Jenner

Image Credit : Niel Warner Splash Media

Kendall Jenner was snapped wearing Bianca Spade in Paris this week and your Style Editor @sydneystyleman simply loves it! Looking almost reminiscent of Victoria Beckham, we love the fact that she is lithe and sharp in her body frame but she's chosen to go with something quite oversized and flowing, but nonetheless sharp and sophisticated.

Sydney Style Man also loves the new white denim motif; A striking juxtaposition of "raw edge" with "elegant" lines... High waisted white denim pants with an elegant power white denim trench. Oh so cool!

Kendall Jenner

White denim is the new Paris inspiration and even complements Kendall's new ombré Balayage steel grey highlighted hair as featured in this months Vogue.

Check out Bianca Spade online For your Jenner hair inspiration come and see the team at Franck Provost Paddington.

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