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Raw Kaya Organics Review

Raw Kaya Organics

Pic from Instagram

I've discovered another gorgeous organic beauty range; this time from Raw Kaya Organics which I'm very much enjoying using. Raw Kaya Organics are advocates for nature and unadulterated living and have introduced their 3-step Rose + Cinnamon skin food range which helps to invigorate and restore life to tired and dehydrated skin.

This range is made from natural and organic plant-based ingredients to promote anti-aging and give a deep hydration to the skin. I'm using the Coffee & Lychee Seed Scrub, Cinnamon Cream Cleanser, Rose and Cinnamon Face Spritz and the deeply hydrating Rose + Cinnamon Face Moisturiser.

These products feel luxurious and the scrub leaves my skin feeling very clean. The spritz is refreshing, the cleanser glides on and is easily removed. The moisturiser feels luxurious and is great under makeup too. Starting at $23 for the scrub and around the $33 each for the others it's an affordable range for such a lovely organic beauty routine.

Raw Kaya Organics

They have definitely sold me on the eco-friendly bamboo packaging. With more and more pollutants and chemicals coming in contact with skin, it's great to find products that are natural and organic. The range’s active ingredient, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), reduces oxidative stress by promoting essential antioxidants and forming part of the body’s natural collagen and keratin production cycle. Moth Bean, a climbing bean native to India and Pakistan, is also included for its proven success in regenerating tired and damaged skin cells. Available globally the 3-tiered range includes the Rose + Cinnamon Cream Cleanser ($32 RRP), the Rose + Cinnamon Face Spritz ($33 RRP) and the deeply hydrating Rose + Cinnamon Face Moisturiser ($34 RRP). The Scrub is ($23 RRP).

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