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Visiting Thailand: Shopping at Siam Discovery

Siam Discovery Centre

When it comes to shopping there is nothing like Siam Discovery in Bangkok, Thailand. The picture above is from the Play Lab and it's a beautifully hand painted sculpture. Small elephants are available for purchase to decorate at home. This was just one of the hundreds of unusual items that I came across when visiting Siam Discovery.

The moment I walked into Siam Discovery I was sold. The whole centre is vibrant, clean and oozes style...and lots of it. The centre is based on Design, Eco-Friendly and Style.

Siam Discovery

There was so much to see in this centre that it actually took us a few hours to get around. I was very kindly escorted by Siam Discovery's PR team. I took so many photos it is impossible to upload them on this post so I'll just highlight some of the things I found interesting.


You guessed it, here is every woman's shopping paradise. From shoes, accessories, designer wear (many Asian designers), and so much more. In this area you will discover style everywhere you look. There is a styling service where clients can ring up a stylist, have a phone consultation about their event or function, and have the stylist create looks ready to walk in and try on in this dressing room.

Siam Discovery

Everything about this shopping complex is class! As you can see from the display below each section of the centre is unique and creative in the way merchandise is showcased. The choice of clothing and accessories is expansive and my only regret is that I did not have time to go back and do some shopping! My schedule in Thailand was so tight there was no time for shopping it was go..go...go!

Siam Discovery


Again, an amazing display of clothing and accessories for the gentleman. I was thinking all the time when I was browsing through this Lab about my Sydney Chic colleagues; @SydneyStyleMan and @Leo_Styleguy (Leo is Thai by the way). I thought when they come to Thailand next year they had better take empty suitcases over because I could imagine them doing a lot of shopping here.

For example: Choose some accessories to go with your tailor-made suit.

Or perhaps some male beauty products are required..... yes this is for men!

Shoes and matching satchel?

Or maybe you want more choice?

A haircut and shave could be in order?


I Love Street Wear and this was my paradise. So much denim! So many cool sneakers! So much street style! I mentioned bespoke items before and here is where you can get your own custom-made jeans! Choose buttons, patches, denim and cotton. The lovely gentleman below is available to measure up and help customers create their look.


For those that love technology everything you could think of is here at your fingertips. There is a big influence in Japanese design especially when it comes to funky phone cases etc. There was so much to see and unfortunately I didn't have the time to wander through and play with all the gadgets.


Whether you are a big kid at heart or really are a kid, there is so much to do in the Play Lab you could have a field day. Toys have come a long way since my childhood! The Play Lab is an entertainment centre with an amazing choice of products. The painted elephant at the top of this post was situated on this floor.

When I mentioned big kids before I was really referring to myself! I was invited into the “My IG Wall” which is an installation allowing shoppers to share their Instagram accounts on a plasma-filled wall. Participants type in their Instagram account name and then enter a large room that views all their posts. It was awesome! With over 2,000 of my Instagram posts there was a lot up there! You only have one minute so you need to enjoy fast.


The Creative Lab is full of homewares and beautiful gifts. I had the opportunity to make my own candle out of recycled material. I chose rosemary as my fragrance and I love it. The Creative Lab is full of unique items for the home.

Siam Discovery is a truly wonderful experience and if you are travelling to Bangkok and feel like some shopping this is the place to go. Now be warned this isn't 'bargain basement' shopping this is upmarket and quality merchandise.

Scattered around the centre are different coffee shops so for a light refreshment you will find somewhere to have a rest. Speaking of can also take a break here....



Thanks to Siam@Siam Design Hotel Bangkok and Roam Resorts for arranging my visit to Siam Discovery.

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