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Beauty Review: Natura Siberica Certified Organic

Natura Siberica use wild harvested ingredients sourced from the unspoilt lands of Siberia in their organic beauty and hair range. Straight away the words 'unspoilt lands' take my imagination to a pristine environment that grows beautiful herbs and flowers. So I Googled it! Sure enough I found stunning images of Siberia and its pristine natural landscape. Here's one photo I purchased to share (below).

Natura Siberica is the first Certified Organic beauty brand based on wild harvested herbs and exclusive natural ingredients sourced from the unspoilt continent of Siberia.

Photo: Fotolia (purchased)

The first thing that I loved with Natura Siberica is the packaging. Packing or not, it boils down to what are the products like? I'm using the Honey Body Scrub $19.95, the Oblepikha Hair Mask $24.99 and the Oblepikha Siberica Hand Cream $14.99 all pictured at the top of the post.

Confession here: I didn't have my glasses on when I first tried the hair mask so proceeded to rub on my legs thinking it was body butter! Oops! Can't believe I just revealed that! Actually it went on quite smoothly and I loved the texture and feel. This morning I used the hair mask for its true purpose - moisturising hair! It worked a treat and certainly put some softness back. The magic ingredient in these three products is the Altai Sea Buckthorn (Oblepikha) which grows wildly in the Sayans and Altai regions of Siberia. It's yellow/orange berry has been used for medicinal and beauty treatments.

The body scrub is very thick, and once applied it smooths out easily leaving the skin feeling 'scrubbed' and clean. Great to use before applying a fake tan.

I'm finding the hand cream to be a real winner for me. The cream soaks in straight away leaving my hands feeling softer, it has a beautiful smell and doesn't leave a sticky or oily feeling.

The Oblepikha Siberica range is just one of many on offer. Hop on to the website and explore for yourself this fantastic natural beauty range for the whole family.

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