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What it Feels Like to Have Face Injectables

My Skin Clinic

With the end of the year fast approaching, with parties, Christmas shopping and the general stresses of life, I’ve found that my skin was looking a little tired. So what better news for me than when I was invited by one of my clients, Anna Scott, to visit her at “Your Skin Clinic” for an introduction to their services, and some tips on how to look your best when you’re not looking your best!

Anna, a registered nurse, and her husband Dr. David Scott run Your Skin Clinic, and together they provide a wide range of skincare treatments and services that are excellent and backed up by their wealth of medical knowledge. Their ethos, which really resonated with me, is that they want to enhance people’s natural beauty. I think this is really great and when I visited Anna and we chatted about what might be suitable for me, I was very particular about my need to not look “fake” or obvious, just fresh and healthy!

My Skin Clinic Sydney

I think this is where a lot of people go wrong when they’re considering what to do with their skin, and where to go for that matter. I know colleagues and friends who even at a very young age regularly have injectibles to remove their frown lines, freeze their foreheads and even one young guy of only 23 spends hundred of dollars having his lips plumped! It doesn’t look natural and its overkill. In the years ahead their muscles will cease to have any natural lift and their faces will look saggy and droopy.

Chatting to Anna, I have a great sense that she really knows her stuff. She mentioned that at the clinic they provide everything from anti wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, laser facials to pigment removal and even mole removal and sclerotherapy. This clinic feels well equipped, bright clean and fresh and totally not intimidating like some of the places I’ve seen. I think this is largely helped by Anna herself - whose personality is very open and honest, giving you a complete sense of trust and relaxation as soon as you speak with her.

After a very long consultation I asked Anna what she thought would be good for me to offset the effects of the party season and to keep me looking fabulous at the most important time of the year. We discussed many options but my key brief was 1) I didn’t want to look like I’d had something done, 2) I didn’t want to look different, just enhanced and 3) I wanted to preserve my masculinity and not look at all feminine.

After some further thought Anna recommended a small amount of Botox only in the frown line, the minimum amount of filler in the tear ducts under my eyes. Anna also suggested afterwards I have a session of Omnilux light therapies treatments. I was intrigued by all of this, looking forward to looking good but at the same time a little confused and a bit daunted by it all. This is where the experience became something really great for me and why I would suggest and recommend this place to anyone who is looking to take care of their skin. Anna was so understanding and empathetic to the way I was feeling and really took the time to explain what each treatment was, what it would involve and what sort of results I may expect to see at the end. I really valued the time she took and she says it’s important that she does that with all her clients.


Here’s what she had to say about each proposed treatment...

Anti wrinkle injections - restores the elasticity in the skin, to reduce expressions such as frowning, crows feet and creasing in the forehead. These things make you look older and using the injections to relax the muscles will offset this.

Dermal filler - are applied via small injections of smooth gels made from natural sugars to smooth facial wrinkles. They promote hydration by attracting and holding moisture, and improve the skins elasticity and firmness.

Omnilux - Uses LED light technology to work with the bodies own natural processes to counteract the effects of ageing.

Now I felt very informed and clear about the procedures and I felt completely comfortable with Anna and had a great sense of confidence that she really understood what was important to me I was ready to begin.

The procedures were not painful, non invasive and non threatening. Anna was aware at all times to keep me comfortable and relaxed, which I really appreciated. She also made sure I knew what happening all the way through. I couldn’t thank her enough for her “bedside manner” - indeed her true colours as a nurse shine through.

Once the anti wrinkle and fillers were finished I headed in to the next treatment room for the Omnilux light. This involves lying in a vestibule and wearing some small glasses. It was very comfortable and they gave me a blanket to keep me cosy as I relaxed and enjoyed 20 minutes of down time whilst my skin got its ultimate recovery burst of goodness. I fell asleep in this relaxed state and when it was finished I woke up feeling rejuvenated - my skin felt awake, and bright!


Upon the reveal I was so thrilled to not see anything too drastic when I looked in the mirror. I didn’t look different or changed I just looked awake, healthy and happy like my freshest best! All the nasty remnants of the weekend’s partying had been washed away leaving me looking paparazzi ready again for the next event. I couldn’t thank Anna and the team more for their kind invitation to learn about their procedures and their tips on keeping your skin looking great.

The results speak for themselves and I would certainly recommend Anna to anyone who was thinking of having anything done. I was so impressed that she was able to understand what I wanted and that she subscribes to the theory of “less is more”. Of course we’ve all seen the horror stories of people who look “plastic fantastic” but if your like me and want to look natural then “Your Skin Clinic” is your place to go - ask for Anna.

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