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Gifts For The Hard to Buy For Person


I'm always writing about other brands, stores, reviews etc, and this time I'm going to give myself a plug! Building websites is like painting a picture for me, I love building them and actually do so as part of my digital marketing business. Sydney Chic is all my own work, and I can tell you there are over 1,000 posts on this blog. So what does a busy social media marketer and blogger do? She builds another website of course!

Fair Trade Vase

I recently launched which is a Fair Trade online store that sells handmade gifts by Artisans from developing countries. There are some amazing products on the site. I've always wanted an online store but the question always was what to sell? Finally, I found my niche and something that I'm really proud to sell; handmade jewellery, scarves, wall art, candles and much more. There is also information on the producers of the products too so people can see where the items originate from.

Fair Trade Gifts

Hope you can check it out and if you are searching for something for that hard to buy for person; you might just find something on the website.

handmade gifts

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