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The Pallet Patch are Vertical Gardens That are Suited for Terraces and Balconies

Urban Gardens

Have you noticed a big shift to urban gardens lately? It's becoming a very 'in thing' to be growing your own herbs and vegies especially with inner-city living, so when the guys from The Pallet Patch got in touch with me I didn't hesitate to write about them. I'm a big garden fan myself, and even though I live in an inner city apartment it's a bit of a jungle, in fact the plants have more room than me; hmmm something wrong with this arrangement!

The Pallet Patch are vertical gardens (obviously made of pallets) that are suited for terraces and balconies. They can be either freestanding or mounted to walls. You can order a fully customisable shape, size and colour.

For those needing a temporary garden, Rent 'a' Patch offers rentals by the day / week to event companies, property stylists, weddings etc and again are fully customisable to suit the event. The Pallet Patch team can build anything out of pallets for events i.e. Bars, stage, and stalls.

I love that this is a local family business and is eco-friendly using recycled and restored pallets with local and seasonal produce. Use the code below for 10%.

From $49 - for 10% discount just add "SydneyChic" on checkout.

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