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So Do Blonde's Really Have More Fun?

It was time for a change and a drastic one having just closed a door on a very big chapter of my life! And thanks to Sydney Chic's Style Editor, Glen Fitzgerald and his team at Franck Provost Paddington it was game on! What I didn't know was this process was going to take about four hours! Was it worth it? YES!

It so happened that Sydney Chic was attending the 21st Birthday Party this night of Classic Lifestyle Magazine so what better place to show of my new look. It's a big deal to bleach your hair so obviously you want it done by an expert. I'll be honest it's not the most comfortable process to go through as the bleach can itch a bit, however my stylist Dionee had warned me about this, and luckily my hair is short. By the time it was over the transformation was quite remarkable. I'm still getting a shock every time I see myself in the mirror or passing a shop window.

So am I having more fun? Well I have certainly gained a new confidence and I'm getting lots of compliments from my friends and colleagues so I have to say, yes! Sometimes a whole new look can do wonders!

My advice for anyone who colours their hair, and especially bleaching, is to buy to best shampoo and conditioner you can afford; preferably from your hairdresser who will only stock quality goods.

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