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I've spent the last few weeks working on a new project with Sydney Chic Style Editor, Glen Fitzgerald and thrilled to introduce you to - an online lifestyle publication about all things style.

Meet the Characters of Style Guy.

Glen (l) Leo (r)

Glen Fitzgerald, who you may already know from Sydney Chic. Glen is the owner of two luxury hair salons; one in Double Bay and the other Paddington just a short walk from Darlinghurst. He's an entrepreneur, fashionista and stylist. I'll add one hell of good bloke too, and a very good friend of mine. Glen is also responsible for my latest makeover, along with my hairstylist Dioni Bee.

Leo Pimpa is Glen's loving partner and hairdresser to the stars. Leo is in high demand at Franck Provost Double Bay. He's also a very good friend of mine, and pretty good behind the camera as well as in front of it.

Nutella Christmas

Dante Fitzgerald. He's StyleGuy Junior and Glen's son. He's a delight to be around, and a very stylish young man. Dante comes up with some pretty brilliant ideas too, leaving the adults looking at each other wondering why a six year old thought of something they didn't! #shockedlook

Then there is one extra to this little family and that is Gabrielle; a 16-year old Chihuahua who despite her cuteness, can be a bit of a grump. She still hasn't warmed to me yet, but we are at the stage whenever I visit the Fitzgerald/Pimpa residence Gabrielle will come up to my leg, and at least acknowledge I exist!

White Chihuahua

Pic: Gabrielle out Shopping and comparing herself to the Golden Money Box Dog

So what is It's about the life of this very colourful family (I call the Rainbow Family) and the antics that happen with running a business, being a style editor, attending lots of events, keeping fit, co-parenting Dante and lots of fun. Of course a major focus is on style in the home as well as personal style and grooming. will no doubt appeal to Sydney's LGBT community.

sydney blog

Sydney Chic and StyleGuy will be doing many collaborations together next year and will endeavour to give our readers some great content to read and share.

What is my part in this? Well I must take credit for creating the website, and consulting on the social media aspect of this project. Going forward I will also be involved with much of the marketing and social media. For those who don't know, that's actually a big part of my working life, and you can find more at


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