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How to build your designer label wardrobe

Do you love owning Designer label clothes and accessories but think that they are out of your budget? Well I'm here to challenge that thinking and share with you ways that I personally buy my designer labels, whether they are pre-loved items or specials that I have found by hunting around the internet. Personally I'm not big at going shopping I prefer to shop online, so this is where I pick up bargains.

For instance, recently I picked up two pairs of very good quality designer sunglasses. The Prada sunglasses were $65 which I found online. I also picked up pair of Gucci sunnies for the same price $65. They are in perfect order without scratches. The Gucci case is a little worn however that's a small thing to worry about compared to the joy of having another classic designer brand to the collection. I bought my Ray-Ban sunglasses on sale, and from memory I saved around 30% off the RRP and these were brand new. In fact, I only ever buy items that are on sale or that have been pre-owned and in good condition, and it's a great way to start building your designer wardrobe.

The trick is to hunt around and if you see a designer item you really love then grab it because they will sell out fast. Buying at the end of season is also another good practice because many items are on sale then especially if you purchase from another country that are now for instance, going out of Winter into Spring, and here in Australia we are going out of Summer into Autumn. It's the perfect way to shop. Below are a number of designer labels I've recently found online that are well below the recommended retail price. As I said, items like these sell out fast so grab when you can, at the time of writing this post I've checked that they are in stock.

This Versace Blue Tee Shirt probably isn't for everyone has it really does shout out "look at me" but that's Versace for you; flamboyant and colourful. I love Versace and it has been one of my favourite brands for years. Perfect with light blue jeans. At time of posting on sale for $116 reduced from $166.

What girl doesn't want to own designer shoes? These Calvin Klein heels are stylish with gold toned and snakeskin trims. They retail for $449 and now are on sale for $269.40.

I think men have so much variety with Tee shirts and this Paul Smith Grey cotton 'Dino' print T-shirt is a lot of fun. At time of writing this tee is on sale from $230 now $161.

For those men who like to stand out from the crowd this Thom Browne shirt will help you achieve that. Let's face it Thom Browne is quality and there is a price to go with it, but when I found this bargain I had to share it. This Thom Browne shirt was $783 now $381.

Do you think that Karl Lagerfeld is out of your reach? Then shop around and you might be pleasantly surprised. This classic Karl Lagergeld leather tote features gold and black chain link handles and gold-toned branding. Retailing for $615 now down to $369 at time of writing.

My new year's resolution is to sort out my wardrobe and replace everything with quality designer labels that I buy on special. It will be a slow process but I've decided that I would rather have a wardrobe of good quality over quantity.

Happy shopping.

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