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It's Time The Australian Government Woke Up to Itself and Legalised Same Sex Marriage

Gay Marriage Australia

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Yesterday I attended the wedding of my friends, Matty and Jimmy Kerr (nee Wright) in the Hunter Valley. Despite the horrendous heat it was a beautiful ceremony and finally they said "I do" after a two-year engagement. Both the Grooms looked elated as they declared their life long love and commitment to each other. The wedding was officiated by Therese Kerr, Matt's mother.

Around 200 guests celebrated with the boys and many, including myself, travelled to the Hunter Valley to be part of this special day. Other guests flew in from overseas and as far away as the UK. So it was a big deal.

Same Sex Marriage

Some of the wedding guests (blurred for privacy reasons)

Without giving too much away as it was a private party (and, yes I have permission to write this from Mr & Mr Kerr), the celebrations went on until late in the night, with plenty of food, drinks and places to sit and relax. I actually attended the wedding alone, and the only people I knew that would be there were both Matt and Jimmy, however it didn't take me long to find a group of new friends and it was the best wedding I have ever attended.

EXCEPT...... legally in Australia they are not married! Well according to all those who witnessed the ceremony we believe and acknowledge they are married. They are married by the power of the Universal Law of Love (as Therese Kerr said during the ceremony).

I know many heterosexuals who have failed dismally at marriage, including myself! If only I could find true love like these two have!

How many times have we also read about heterosexuals who really should not be bringing up children because they are, quite frankly, not fit enough to do so? I have two other very close friends, who are a beautiful little family. Glen and Leo, and they have just celebrated their 3rd year anniversary and recently became engaged. They also help bring up Glen's little boy from a previous relationship, as Glen co-parents with his son's mother. Let me tell you, little Dante is the most well-adjusted, delightful and polite child I have ever met. He just brings a smile to my face and I enjoy his company a lot. Again, a perfect couple who can't 'legally' marry. Read more about them here.

Most of my friends are part of the LGBT community yet I can get legally married if I want to because I'm hetro, but my friend's can't! It's pitiful especially as countries such as Ireland have legalised same sex marriage.

Matt and Jimmy run a successful business in the Hunter Valley, Nanna Kerr's Kitchen and are active in promoting equality in the Hunter Valley - Polkobin Pride. They are two hard working, entrepreneurial Australians who contribute to the country, pay their taxes but are not allowed to 'legally' marry.

As far as I am concerned Matt & Jimmy Kerr are as married as any other couple. Come on Australia - get with the times!

Matthew & James Wright Wedding

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