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Get a natural looking tan without that awful chemical smell

I don't know about you but when it comes to self-tanning at home I've had nothing but grief; I usually miss bits, I can look orange and that smell! The smell of fake tan keeps me awake at night! Well I've finally found a product that goes on very easily, even with bare hands, it looks natural and it doesn't have that awful smell. It's also doesn't contain hidden nasties! Hard to believe? It's Eco Tan Cacao Firm Mousse and takes one hour to set. The ingredients are Cacao, coffee and blood orange. They also claim it helps reduce the appearance of cellulite but I haven't seen that yet. Maybe with time! It's $34.95 plus postage. Worth noting I have been applying with my hands not a tanning mit and as long as I wash my hands thoroughly I haven't had any stains on them.

self tanning no smell

Prior to using Eco Tan I've been using another natural product to exfoliate my skin and this is a little gem! It's from Chateau Ambience and it's a Raw Sugar Body Scrub with organic coconut oil, rice bran oil & Tahitian Vanilla- 150ml for $18.95. This scrub really leaves my skin soft. I dampen my skin then stop the water and put a small amount on at time on my body and once covered wash it all off in cool water. I am really enjoying this product along with their face scrub, day moisturiser and night cream.

Once the tan is dry I then rub in The Body Shop's Moringa Body Butter. It just seems to finish the tan off and keeps the skin very smooth. I'm finding the tan is lasting around 3 days.

The end result is a natural looking tan - I haven't experimented with making the tan really dark as that doesn't suit me. The photo below was taken today, one day after I used the above method and the photo hasn't been enhanced or altered. That's the colour. I have also used on my face and upper body and I'm really happy with the results.

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