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Are You Looking For Love Online? Try MiSocial Speed Dating Events Instead

MiSocial is a safe way to meet people and find romance without filling out tiresome questionnaires and sifting through countless online profiles. Members are invited to attend speed dating events and sometimes parties in an age group that is suited to them. It's free to sign up and MiSocial capture only brief details i.e. age and dating preferences. Unlike mainstream speed dating MiSocial try and closely match invitees to their “dating preferences” so the odds of a connection are improved. Guests pay just $25 to attend which covers the costs of the event host’s time and any venue costs (if applicable). Guests buy their own drinks and/or food.

Once on the register, members will receive invites to an event to speed date other singles in their age group. Post the event, MiSocial advise guests if anyone at the event wants to connect with them. If it’s mutual they share their contact details.

Every member’s profile is private because some people value the privacy and don’t want their photo, interests, hobbies displayed on a public site· There’s no upfront fees or commitment and members choose which events they want to attend.

Members get the opportunity to meet people they may not otherwise meet within their social & professional circles· It’s safe because the event is hosted. It’s a quick easy way to meet lots of singles in one evening with just enough time to assess if there’s a spark, and not too long to become boring and dull if you don’t click. This concept does not appeal to online scammers, fake profiles etc so it is a much safer environment to find true love. For added reassurance MiSocial check three days before the event date to ascertain how many guests have accepted and if there are not enough numbers for an enjoyable event the event is cancelled with a full refund. This ensures that members won’t risk attending an event with a poor turnout. MiSocial speed dating events are held in the CBD and inner city on a weeknight. Other States are running these events too.

So it it's love you are looking then check out the website and register for an event in your age group.


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