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Antipodes Moisture Boost Natural Lipsticks Plus a Rant on Social Media Trolls

Antipodes Lipstick

Deb with the PR & Digital Team Antipodes (just a coincidence we all look like triplets lol)

This morning I attended the launch of Antipodes fresh new range of moisture boost natural lipsticks at the Butler in Potts Point.

It's not often I come across a lipstick and think to myself 'I think I'll stick with this brand" but in this case I think I've found a winner. I applied the lipstick over 5 hours ago, and it immediately felt luscious and that it would actually stay on. In fact it's still on and feels like it's doing my lips good.

I have alway worried about the nasties in some lipsticks, so now that I have found 'lipsticks so healthy you can almost eat them' I'm happy! The ingredients in the Antipodes lipsticks contain avocado, calendula and evening primrose oil.

The marketing around these lipsticks is that the Antipodes range celebrates the spectacular scenery and premium produce of New Zealand nature. Having spent my teenage years living in New Zealand, I certainly can say it's one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Antipodes Natural Liptsticks

The lipsticks were also inspired by natural supplements. Did you know that over the course of her lifetime, a woman may ingest up to three kilograms of lipstick into her body! YIKES! This is why Antipodes lipsticks are extracted from nature's finest superfoods. I don't even want to go there thinking what I've ingested all these years, especially since I've been wearing lipstick daily from the age of 14!

There are a great range of colours to choose from.

Now this brings me onto something else about this launch. The guest speaker was a delightful young lady, Em Ford, from My Pale Skin Blog.

You may have heard of this gorgeous woman, or seen the video below which has over 23.5m views! Em shared her story with us on how she went from working as a runner in a film production company to now travelling the world as one of the most influential beauty bloggers around.

Em Ford is a humble and authentic young woman and her story nearly made me cry. In this video you will see the hatred of internet trolls. You will also see some kinder comments but watch till the end. The comments on the video are real that people actually made. I see so much hatred online by people hiding behind their keyboards and it sickens me to my stomach. You only have to read the comments on Daily Mail Online to realise what a sad society some of us are creating.

I just wanted to share this story with my readers, and thank Em Ford for being brave enough to demonstrate that everyone has feelings, and nobody should feel they are so faultless themselves that it gives them the right to bully others online. Most importantly, beauty is from within.

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