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ROVA Flying Selfie Camera

Amazon, the $500 billion world’s largest retailer has signed an exclusive contract with Australian Stock Exchange listed The IoT Group ( ASX:IOT) to have a 90 day world exclusive window to market and sell the new ROVA Flying Selfie Camera at

Forget the Selfie stick this new technology is like having your own personal photographer flying where you want them to go and hovers to take photos and videos. The ROVA connects to your mobile phone and comes in a range of colours.

Now everyone will be able to take a selfie just like Kim Kardashian.

Developed in Australia the ROVA is set to follow in the footsteps of the great Australian inventions and success stories such as Mad Max movies, Hills Hoist, Victa lawnmower, Vegemite, Kylie Minogue, Chris “ THOR” Hemsworth and Cate Blanchett!

Just when I thought the selfie generation couldn't get any worse!

AUS$399 or US$299.

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