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Listen to Your Stylist

Deb Carr Sydney Chic

Women the world over are guilty of it but it's the nature of the beast! You spend hundreds of dollars at the hair salon, and on retail products trying to achieve something that is special, unique and screams you!

But do you necessarily know what's best for you or should you listen to the advice of your stylist?

Choose a salon based on reputation, credibility and professionalism but at the same time go with your gut feeling too. But once you sit in that chair, be open minded to the advice of the professional in front of you, their ideas and ultimately their advice.

Our good friend and editor-in-chief, Deb Carr, has been one such example but as the owner of two luxury hair salons in Sydney I see it every day. Women come in wanting our prowess and our flair for style to work on them, but they need to be open and receptive for it to be a two way street and a successful partnership.

In Deb's case her hair was far too dark when we first met her. It did her no favours with her skin tone, highlighting every flaw and washed her out. Not to mention that with such dark hair she was facing the dreaded natural regrowth every 3 weeks, meaning constant trips to the salon. Also Deb is a blogger, constantly heading to events and parties amongst Sydney's fashion set. It's crucial therefore that we gave her a look that was bold, sophisticated and befitting her age... but most of all fashion forward! (See pic of the new Deb with myself and Leo top of post). And here was the challenge! Like a lot of you reading this article right now Deb wanted all those lovely things but wasn't prepared to embrace the process or to see the artists vision at the end. It even almost broke down our friendship at one point where she challenged and accused me of ruining her image and trying to make her look older haha! Indeed I wanted to take her away from this dark garish hair. I wanted her to be platinum with steely shades that blended her natural greys and gave her a distinct look that was at once stylish, sexy and still elegant for a woman in her 50's.

Now anyone who knows me will tell you I'm persistent. So over a 6 month period I wore this "stubborn woman" down and finally, one Tuesday morning in our Darlinghurst salon we bleached her all over! We then toned her with a light pearl ash blonde shade and instantly she was a new woman.

After the initial shock of the transformation she knew that she had been wrong by not trusting my judgement for the last 6 months. What she had now suited her beautifully, but more than that gave her a new sense of style and sass that shed forgotten she could have.

Now many months later her maintenance is next to nothing and she looks fantastic. Even two months after her hair is done as her natural hair grows out it blends beautifully with what we've given her.

Her hair cut is soft, but edgy.. classic but dynamic - a blend between Jamie Lee Curtis, Annie Lennox and Agyness Deyn. Deb loves it, but more than that, everyone keeps complimenting her and suddenly she has a presence at events that she didn't have before. Success!

And you can have it too, but remember I worked on Deb because she was my friend. Meaning that I can give you the same help, advice and guidance, but you have to be open to it. We have successful transformations every day - keratins, extensions, colour corrections or even just a beautiful cut or balayage can transform your hair and your life!

So stop denying yourself what you deserve - visit a great salon or consult a great stylist and begin your journey toward a fabulous reinvention or just an awakening of the inner you you didn't know was there...


Deb's note: He was right!

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