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Sending Messages Into the Future

Codagram App

Have you ever wondered what it's like to send a message in a bottle and have it discovered days, months or years into the future? Well that's very old-fashioned so let's fast forward to 2017! What if you could send a message into the future via text or social media? For example, you are predicting the end result of the football final. So you type it into an app and then post it, but no one can open the message until the date you set (in this instance the final of the football season). If people open it and you were right; what a hero! If you were wrong, oops - egg on face!

Let me introduce you to Codagram. Codagram is a free communicative tool that requires no sign up and allows you to create messages that can be sent right away, but will only open up in future (you decide when, but once a message is made - it can't be changed).

Codogram allows you to create and send encrypted messages to make predictions, confessions and letters to the future.

Here's how it works: Create message -> Set opening time -> Get 7-digit code -> Send it to a friend

Your friend will: Enter your code -> See opening date -> Wait -> Read your message

A code can be sent via any major social networking website or messenger. You can also send it anonymously as a text message.

Now I can see many great things with this and I can also see many regrets too! So if using the app, never send a message to an ex lover that you might one day regret! Or if you are a psychic predicting the future.....well that could either be fantastic or embarrassing! I see the app as a lot of fun.

I just sent a message to my two daughters, using the app, just to tell them how much I love them ❤️ but they can't read it until the morning!

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