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Duke & Dexter Worn by Ryan Reynolds, Jonah Hill, Justin Timberlake, Eddie Redmayne and Tinie Tem

Duke & Dexter Shoes

Duke & Dexter is a British born footwear label, launched by Archie Hewlett when he was only 19. Now three years old, the brand specialises in premium shoes for those who appreciate modern, functional and spirited apparel.

Designed in London and handmade in England, Duke & Dexter choose to innovate the conventional whilst working off traditional styles, through offering an array of colours of colours, textures, prints and motifs, without faltering on exceptional comfort to accommodate a contemporary lifestyle.

Duke & Dexter are delighted to have celebrity supporters of the brand including Ryan Reynolds, Jonah Hill, Justin Timberlake, Eddie Redmayne and Tinie Tempah to name a few, who have helped cement the brand's position as a leading footwear label.

Duke and Dexter

Known for designing styles for those who are interested in creating their own look rather than following the latest seasonal fashion, Duke & Dexter also offer a bespoke service where clients can choose upper and trim colours, alongside the option to initial or motif products, where each pair is then handcrafted in Sheffield.

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