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TwoSpace The Uber of CoWorking Spaces

TwoSpace Co Working

Despite the fact that I have a 'serviced office' in a flash CBD building, I don't actually work there. I use that address for the many deliveries that I get sent from PR companies. I prefer to work from home because I can't bear working in cold air-conditioned office buildings (I know, what a princess).

Working from home has been great up until last week when scaffold blocked out most of my light and view, Tradies wander past my windows nod and smile (I smile back and nod), and then there's the jackhammering! This is going on for at least 3 months! Aghhhhhhh! By the way I love working with Tradies; they really are great clients for my business.

In desperation, I decided to find an alternative that wasn't an office and was used by other creatives and freelancers; in other words, co-working. In my search, I discovered TwoSpace, and think of it as the Uber or co-working. For example, I live in Potts Point so my new office is the Rooftop of The Kings X Hotel. I kid you not! The photo above is me hard at work on my first day!

Rooftop Kings Cross Hotel

In a nutshell: Empty restaurant or venue during the day becomes co-working space instead of not being in use.

For freelancers like me this is a fantastic way to work, meet people, hold meetings and run a business. The venue benefits too; it gets an income from the membership and empty space is being utilised.

Members pay $169 a month which allows them access to any venue that is participating. It's a win/win. It also includes free WiFi by Optus which I have to say works so much faster than my ADSL supplied by Telstra at home.

TwoSpace Rooftop Kings Cross Hotel

TwoSpace is the creation of Tashi Dorjee and Rob Walker. The duo came up with the idea when reminiscing about how in 2013 they used to meet in a unique establishment in Singapore which would transform from a daytime cafe into a pizza parlour at night. The venue was called TwoFace so this is where the name and idea originated from.

Havana Manly

Photo: How's this for your office view? Havana Beach Manly

I sat with Tashi today and was intrigued with his background. He's a Tibetan Aussie who grew up in Sydney and moved to Singapore to create start-ups straight out of uni. His first start-up was in rainforest protection and then transitioning into tech, by helping launch Google Glass in Singapore on a B2B scale i.e. building apps and experiences for tourist locations. Tashi came back to Sydney as his family lives here and then started TwoSpace with Rob.

TwoSpace Manly

As Tashi explained, there's no shortage of co-working spaces in Sydney, but they mainly replicate an office environment and charge a monthly fee for a desk or share space. This can be a little expensive or rigid for freelancers like me who don't want to be locked into one space and commitment.

Casoni Restaurant Darlinghurst

Cool office space at Casoni Darlinghurst.

TwoSpace creates co-working spaces that are relaxed, but also turn back into restaurants and bars at the end of the day, it encourages a setting for gathering and networking.

Benefits to Members

  • Unlimited access to TwoSpace venues

  • WiFi sponsored by Optus

  • Plentiful power outlets

  • Access to partner hot desks

  • AWS credits & support

  • Member rates for tech courses

  • Exclusive event access

  • No strings attached

Find out more at

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