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Herbs Even The Worst Gardeners Can't Kill: Meet Urbotanica

When I was first introduced to Urbotanica and asked to be a Brand Ambassador, I didn't hesitate! I'm an avid gardener and love plants but I live in an inner city apartment without a balcony! I think I have more indoor plants in my place than furniture! So what is Urbotanica? It's a self sufficient mini eco system providing seedlings and mature plants with nourishment, light and water - automatically.

I hear it all the time "I can't grow plants" well that sort of negative self-talk doesn't help but now, thanks to Urbotanica, growing fresh food is easy when you’re armed with the right technical solutions, advice and shared learnings.

Urbotanica aims to help people learn the value of growing their own foods and be secure in knowing the quality and safety of those foods.

Grow your own plants right in your kitchen! Imagine being able to grow and pick your own herbs or small vegetables as you cook? No more buying those plants from the supermarket that die if you take their plastic off. It’s no secret that the amount of energy and water consumed in the global fresh food industry is frightening, not to mention food wastage. People successfully being able to grow fresh food in the modern urban home is a major leap forward in addressing so many of these issues. Big eco tick for that one.

The UrbiPod™ Easy to assemble, operate and clean. The growing Pods are detachable from the unit so can be moved around the house - to the dining table for easy access to fresh herbs while eating or to a sunny window sill. Each Pod has its own water reservoir so can happily sit on a sunny window sill for a few days and keep growing. Stylish design to fit right in with your best kitchen appliances. Australian made and owned the UrbiPod has been designed with efficiency in mind: with automatic self watering, nutrient delivery and state of the art energy efficient LED lighting.


Restaurants and Venues

The UriPod has a place in restaurants and venues too, not only does it look impressive what can be nicer than Chef taking herbs straight from a pod on a table?

So what are you waiting for? I've arranged a 10% discount for my readers and followers just use the code SydneyChic10%.

Happy Gardening.

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