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Sydney Escapes: Leura Dawn House on The Mall

Recently I was invited by @Styleguy.TV to join them on a review of Leura Dawn House on The Mall, in Leura of course. I lived in the Blue Mountains for 15 years in my late 20's, all my 30's and my early 40's; so this was a real treat to go back to some very lovely memories.

When I stepped off the train, I was instantly reminded how much cooler it is in the Mountains, but it wasn't long when I was inside this magnificent home enjoying the glow of the gas fire and warmth of the central heating. Leura Dawn House on the Mall is a two storey, elegantly and tastefully furnished house with a drawing room, lounge room, huge open kitchen, four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Being Autumn meant the garden was full of colour! I have fond memories of Autumn in the Blue Mountains where the trees turn in to colours of crimson and gold. There were four of us staying this night including Glen's sister, Janine. The afternoon was getting a bit nippy in the shade but that did not stop us sitting outside with a bottle of Piper! Once it became a little too cold it was back inside to the drawing room to enjoy the ambience of the gas fire.

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As well as celebrating Glen's birthday, the boys were up to do a fashion shoot for their blog and YouTube channel. We headed off to Leura Mall for brunch and a look around the shops as well as taking video and photographs for the blog.

Leura hasn't changed that much since I moved out of the Blue Mountains except now it has a Woolworths which is handy. I wanted to go back to one of my fond old memories, Landseers, and have a toasted bacon sandwich. Some things just don't change and I enjoyed that old favourite of mine and a cup of tea. Glen and Leo had good old-fashioned mince on toast!

Leura Blue Mountains

Leura has some fabulous shopping and we spent quite a bit of time in book shop, Few & Far Between and one of the old collectible stores. Glen and Leo bought two pieces of artwork which were amazing however too big to come back home in the car with us, so the boys arranged to pick the paintings up next week.

But before we left...Glen cooked lunch!

Sydney Food Blogger

If you are looking to hire a fabulous house for a Sydney Escape then definitely check out Leura Dawn on the Mall. and Sydney Chic were guests of Leura Dawn on the Mall. Please read full Disclaimer here.

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