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MBFWA Romance Was Born A Glittering Finale

MBFWA Romance Was Born

Photos: Cesar Ocampo

The Finale at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia was an eye opener with the vibrant designs by Romance Was Born. You could be forgiven if you thought you were looking at some sort of mystic stage performance. Is that a Unicorn I see? This year there is a slight touch of risqué.

Romance Was Born aka duo Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales met while completing their fashion design degree, in 2005. The creative pair are able to take a theme or inspiration and turn it into a glimmering fashion story. Their collections feature covetable prints, hand worked details of appliqué, embroidery, intricate beading and intensely detailed sequinned elements.

Everything about this collection has something dazzling.

MBFWA Romance was born

MBFWA Romance Was Born

MBFWA Romance Was Born

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