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My Body Transformation in my 50's: Month One

Photo: Taken in my late 40's.

Only up until a few years ago I was a pretty fit and toned woman and then I started this blog! As Sydney Chic became more popular so did I, and the invitations to events started to come in droves. As a result there is plenty of food and alcohol and with it my waist grew! My arms grew. My backside grew and quite frankly I was turning into a frump. So my goal is to get back to something like the photo above.

In my 20's, 30's and 40's I was running and weight training. I even gained a Blue Belt in Tae Kwon Do in my late 40's and I was very fit. I will never forget to get my Blue Belt I had to do a turning back kick and break a wooden board with my bare foot. I did it first go! I was determined to do that.

I let myself go because this website (Sydney Chic) became so consuming, not only with the amount of posts (over 1200) but the events, the restaurant reviews and the lack of exercise because of spending the majority of my time on my laptop.

My whole family are fitness fanatics and both my daughter's have bodies to die for! As I watched them get fitter I started to feel really bad because, I too, was once like that. Now I realise I'm never going to look like a 20 year old, that's not my goal but I do want to feel and look good the best for my age group. So no, I'm not hanging on to my youth, I genuinely want to be the best I can be for my age and I'm doing it for me because I feel better when I'm fit.

The crunch came for me when about 5 weeks ago my daughter took a photo of me hugging her dog when I was staying at her house one morning in the country. OMG I nearly cried! I couldn't believe the woman in that photo was me. And that was it! I decided then and there I would join the gym and make some drastic life changes. And that's exactly what I did the very next day when I came home.

It's been a month and I already feel so much stronger, fitter and better in myself. My goal is to get to what I want to look like in three months, so I'm 1/3 third through the journey. I can even fit into clothes that I had 'outgrown'.

The photo on the right was taken the week I joined Anytime Fitness (and this is not sponsored content this is 100% my own journey). I am not engaging a personal trainer, I'm doing what I did when I trained before. The photo on the right is a month later.

Can you get fit in your 50's

My routine:

I train at the gym six days a week in this pattern:

Day One: Biceps, Triceps and Lats

Day Two: Legs & Stomach

Day Three: Shoulders and Chest

Every day I do push ups and planks.


Nothing really changed except a conscious effort to drink less wine. Food has never been my issue as I'm not a big eater but I do try to avoid gluten and sugar.

Photo below: Taken today at Anytime Fitness Potts Point

Now that I am heading into month two and I have toned up a bit and lost some weight, I am going back to running as well as training at the gym.

Watch this space in one month's time.

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