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The Most Important Photos I Have Ever Taken

Mr Edwards Photography

This is a guest post by Glen Edwards aka Mr Edwards Photography.

Tiia was just like every bride I get to work with, So happy and full of energy. Completely delirious at the thought of marrying the man of her dreams. Every time we spoke I could hear her excitement as all her wedding day dreams started to come together.

I had no idea how incredibly strong both she and her partner were being behind the scenes. Until she asked me for something I had never been asked to do before. She asked if I could take photographs of her getting ready weeks before her actual wedding day.

As she asked, her cheery disposition never changed. “Just in case mum doesn’t feel too well on the day, we thought It might be a good idea to have some extra images, just as back ups”. Her mother was fighting cancer.

Mr Edwards Photography

Tiia wasn’t asking for a hand out, nor pity. Her family were fighting this together and this was something they dearly wanted, however they didn’t want to put any burden or pressure on me.

When I arrived for the shoot it became clear to me what that day was going to be about. This was about a mother getting the chance to see her daughter in her wedding dress.

I was there just to record the moment, as I have done so many times before. However, on this day, the importance of why we take these pictures became all too apparent.

Wedding Photography Sydney

The shoot itself was the most amazing few hours I have ever photographed. A sincerely intimate time between a Mother, a Father and their Daughter.

Tiia put her gown on and revealed to her mum just how beautiful she would look on her wedding day. The pride in her father’s eyes, the look of pure joy on her mother’s face as she delicately tied up the back of the dress helping her daughter get ready, as so many have done for their own daughter's on the day of their wedding.

Wedding Photographer Sydney

It was beautiful.

A mere month later I photographed Tiia and Luke’s Wedding. A framed portrait I had taken of Tiia’s mother the month before sat in her place at the table.

Sydney Blog

It broke my heart and told me everything I needed to know about just how important these photographs had been.

Printed with permission. Photos copyright Glen Edwards.



I rarely have people guest post on Sydney Chic, however when my friends Sarah & Glen sent me this story, I was so touched by it I wanted to share with my readers. I had tears in my eyes as I read through this post, and as I looked at the lovely photos. Possibly because it is coming up to two years since my mum passed away and I realise that I have very few photos of her.

I wish I had some professional photos taken of my mum before she died. However, I do have a very special photo of my dad, he doesn't even know I have it. Dad (83) has visited my mum's grave every day (36km each way in the NSW Mid North Coast) sometimes twice a day since she passed. One day he hired a photographer to take some pics of her grave. What he didn't know was this photographer took a photo of him without him knowing and she tracked me down on Facebook and sent it to me. I love this photo it captures his life, his sadness and his love and devotion for my mum.

Thanks Glen for sharing this, Deb x

My Dad....

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