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June 2017 Horoscopes by Jennifer Angel

Gemini Air Sign


By Jennifer Angel

JUNE 2017 Planetary OVERVIEW

This month, set plans and get ready for action, but be flexible and above all, trust your instincts.

There is plenty of action in June, and the month kicks off with love planet Venus interacting with cautious and reliable Saturn as well as unpredictable Uranus. Stand by, as what you decide with your love life, or money matters, could suddenly change. It is a month to set plans but stay flexible. Action planet Mars moves to sensitive Cancer, causing emotions to get intense. Venus moves to Taurus, one of the sign she rules, so love is definitely in the air – make time for romance. Mercury also moves to a sign it rules, Gemini, opening the doorway for conversation and to say how you feel.

The full Moon in Sagittarius can bring a situation to a head, especially as it rubs shoulders with Saturn and the combined energy will help you discard anything no longer useful in your life. Jupiter comes out of retrograde on the 9th, and any dreams hopes or wishes that have been on the go-slow, can move ahead now. Neptune goes retrograde mid-month, and gives you a chance to look at anything you may be in denial off, and a chance to see things as they are not as you want them to be.

The Sun moves to Cancer on the 21st, signifying the summer (or winter) solstice. And the new Moon in Cancer on the 23rd-24th coincides with an interaction between Venus and Pluto as well as Mars and Jupiter, all very powerful energies. This high action period entering the last week of the month focuses on home, family and love, with situations and electric love connections impossible to ignore. The combined energy of Mars and Neptune sharpens your intuition. And especially as Mars opposite Pluto can be intense and even hazardous, your intuition can give you heads up as to what’s about to happen next, so pay attention to it. This is a good month to clear old, negative and outdated situations, people, views and attitudes from your life to allow space for something new, better and greater. Look forward, not back!!


Money matters can look up this month with your career going ahead, but be careful of a clash between your home, family and work. If something needs to be worked out, then you are the first person to please, not everyone else. After you get this set, there is a new start for you with both. Some of you could be travelling internationally during this time or making plans, or conducting business afar. With Venus conjunct Uranus in your sign, and Jupiter in your love zone coming out of retrograde on the 9th, a soul connection can take place now. Whether in a relationship or single, keep your love antenna up.


Focus on your health, wellbeing and beauty this month. As a Venus ruled sign, and with Venus moving to your sign and Jupiter coming out of retrograde, you will feel empowered when you look fabulous, so the extra effort is well worthwhile. Organization and time management is the key to get ahead at work. Discussions can take place in regard to finances, but don’t be quick to settle, you don’t want to make a rash decision, not that you would. With Venus in your sign most of the month and as she connects with power planet Pluto, an intense introduction or positive development in your love life can take place.


As Neptune goes retrograde in your career zone there could be some confusion, especially with money. Make sure you get the facts and not fiction with any monetary or business development. Work through the fog and you can have a new start with money now, which can occur towards the end of the month. Full Moon energy in your love zone, along with Saturn, the planet of reality, can highlight to you how things really are. The energy provides clarity as to what you want. This can allow you to leave past situations and limiting beliefs and attitudes behind so you are open to working out or attracting a much better life situation.


With an interaction between Venus and Uranus, expect the unexpected. A business connection can step forward to help you in some way. The result can be a change of status quo with your career and finances. Full Moon energy helps you get organized, in the way of discarding anything or anyone not useful or contributing anything to your life – be prepared to let go of the old to make room for the new. Later in the month, the Sun moves to your sign, signifying the summer (or winter solstice) and your birthday, as well as your annual new Moon. This brings with it a new phase and fresh start. Love is about friendship, but also about balance. When your energies balance out on a mind, body and soul basis, it works.


With business, a new development can start a discussion that leads you in the right direction for success, especially in regard to a creative project. However, when communicating, whether business or personal, make sure you and another are on the same page. A misunderstanding can cost you time and money, so find out the details and ask questions, even if you are dealing with a friend you trust. It’s not all about work, make time for love, too. The influence of the full Moon can force you to shift your focus from work to love, and at a moment’s notice. But what comes out of it, can be very good, for the long-term.


Good fortune planet Jupiter comes out of retrograde and the energy can kick start your finances. However, if dealing with friends and money, proceed with caution. It may be all-ok, but it is wise to handle with all money-matters the same as you would for business. Neptune in your love zone will enter a retrograde transit mid-month. Over the next five months the energy will help you get real about your love life, how you want it to be and what alterations you need to make to attain it, either physically or with a change of attitude. For new love, build a friendship firs, for a solid foundation for intimacy.


Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion, comes out of retrograde in your sign on the 9th. Life can pick up speed and travel in the right direction where you can be successful in your pursuits. However, even though Jupiter can present opportunities, it’s up to you to recognize them to take advantage. Love planet Venus in your relationship zone connects with Uranus. This is a sign of change, which can be good, but take you by surprise. Passion is in the stars for you this month, too, so make time of romance. Neptune going retrograde can cause confusion so don’t lock your day-planner in too tightly - leave room for excitement as well as personal pampering! New Moon energy in your career zone suggests a new start with work and as other planets move to this area, prepare to be busy.


As Jupiter comes out of retrograde early in the month, the energy will help you get in touch with your inner most thoughts, feelings and values, which can change as you grow and evolve. So, when evaluating your life, take a look with fresh eyes. Mars is in your zone of passion and intimacy and at the same time Venus connects with Uranus making you more alluring than ever, if possible. Venus moves to your relationship area, Mars to your zone of honesty, and Neptune goes retrograde. As a result, you gain more clarity as to your personal life, how it is, how you want it to be and the changes needed as you move forward. Keep a close eye on monetary developments in case you need to act quickly. A candid conversation can be revealing, but think first before agreeing to anything.


This month’s full Moon in your sign, along with Saturn the planet of reality and longevity, if you are not following your soul’s purpose, you have a chance to get back on track. It is a month of action, but also caution and flexibility. The key to your success now is to trust your instincts. Your love life zone is a hot-bed of activity, expect to have a deep and meaningful with someone close. This is also a passionate time as motivational Mars makes a move to the next sign early in the month. With money, be careful not to get too emotional if you are not in control as you will need to work with others. As Venus moves to your area of productivity, be careful of taking on another person’s work. Tend to your own responsibilities and priorities first. On a personal note, indulge in some pampering treatments.


Love, romance and passion all feature in your stars this month! A discussion seems imminent. And the energy of the new Moon towards end of the month indicates a fresh start with love for both couples and singles. You may need to sort out the details and how you feel about proposed changes to come to terms with a new arrangement or development. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, in your career zone comes out of retrograde on the 9th, which can open the flood gates of opportunity; get clear about your priorities. At the same time, the full Moon energy encourages you to carve out some ‘you’ time to evaluate your life and get in touch with changes you want to make. As Neptune goes retrograde, these next five months give you time to really get ahead and lock down creative projects that have been on the back burner.


Friends can show you their true colors now and those who are with you will show their support. But as you have the influence of the full Moon in this area of your star-chart, you can also decide to put distance between you and another. Love and family combine, but don’t let anyone tell you want to do, it’s your life to live. A connection between Venus and Uranus highlight that an important discussion can take place, perhaps about a creative project. You may not have time to plan for it, and it’s important not to doubt your expertise, instead, move forward with confidence. As Mars moves to your area of productivity, the energy can tempt you to take on more than you can handle. So, to stay on top of your career or work schedule, be strict with your time management. With money matters, don’t assume anything, double check the details.


A connection between Venus and Uranus at the start of the month can unlock the secrets to financial success. Make sure every thought is a positive one. The full Moon on the 9th indicates change at work or with business that may be out of your control. The energy can allow you to do a course direction in some way, which can work out for the best. At the same time, Jupiter, your co-ruler, planet of abundance, comes out of retrograde and moves forward official business and financial matters that may have been on hold. Neptune in your sign enters a retrograde transit, and as it interacts with Mars later in the month, along with the energy of the new Moon, can provide you with the clarity needed to make a decision about your love life. As you enter a new phase with love, creativity and connections, it opens up positive, exciting and enjoyable avenues to explore.


Jennifer Angel

Jennifer is resident astrologer to one of America’s most successful celebrity and entertainment magazines – Star!

Perhaps most well known for her work in New York’s Daily News, with a following of over one million readers, Jennifer attracted even more followers at with weekly videos, articles, including predictions on celebrity couples, sports teams, mayors, and presidents.

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