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Tips From the Palm Beach Collection on How to Care for Your Candles

Palm Beach Candles

Let's face it, candles have become something of a household item for many people because of the fragrance and ambience they bring to the home. One of my favourite brands is Palm Beach Collection from Sydney. They have a range of exquisitely scented candles that burn for 80 hours. The Fragrances used are essential oils and extracts with combinations such as: coconut & lime - clove & sandalwood - french vanilla - lemongrass - lilies & leather - pear & cinnamon - posy - vintage gardenia - watermelon - white rose & jasmine. The neutral colours of the candles reflect the oil used in each fragrance.

The Palm Beach Collection standard candle has two wicks to ensure an even burn every time. The company only uses cotton wicks that do not contain any metals and are of the highest quality.

Of course quality candles like this cost more than just a few dollars so there are some steps to take to ensure safety and that you get the most out of your candle.

Sydney Lifestyle Blog - Candle Care

I am pretty careful with candles but I have been known to accidentally leave them burning so Palm Beach Collection have shared their candle care and safety tips. I've learnt my lesson to be more vigilant and I follow these steps exactly.

The tip just above is really important because if you don't leave at 10mm at the bottom of the jar and it keeps burning then the glass could crack. I should know because it happened to me but luckily no serious damage was caused. Personally, I think it's best to invest in good quality candles and I especially like to support local business rather than buying the cheap candles that are made overseas.

For more information on this candle range click here.

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