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Mocktails for Dry July

For those participating in Dry July this year here are some great Mocktails supplied to us by Australian Bitters Company. These creations are the work of Andrew Atwell - one of NYC’s most renowned mocktologist - these mocktails stimulate the body’s senses and elevate the non-alcoholic drinking experience helping Dry July’ers stick to their commitment of giving up booze this July.

Mr. Atwell has built a reputation as NYC’s mixology guru, serving up personally tailored libations, unique to an individual's preference. The latest chapter of his journey sees Andrew partnering New York’s The Wild Son, a healthy all-day restaurant focused on clean food, healthy proteins, greens & grains and health-benefiting mocktails that are just the right thing when you’re craving a drink worth drinking, when you’re not drinking!

Turmeric Tonic(Healthy Drinking tonic)

Large batch format 3 cups apple cider vinegar

2 cups turmeric Juice

1 cup fresh mango puree

3 cups simple syrup

1 cup water

12 dashes of Orange Australian Bitters

Batch out and shake 3-4 ounces with ice

Serve in rocks glass with one large format ice cube

Garnish with edible flower

*Can replace turmeric powder for juicing turmeric root at home, buy mango concentrate.Combine all ingredients and store for weeks in fridge, partaking in 3-4 ounce instalments.

Dry July

Black Basil Palmer

3 oz. Black tea

1 ½ oz. fresh lemon juice

1 ½ oz. basil infused simple syrup

4 dashes of Barrel Spice Australian Bitters

Shaken, served in a Collins glass over fresh ice

Garnish with a Basil leaf

*At home version, just use regular simple syrup

and instead muddle and shake fresh basil in with the cocktail to obtain the infusion that way.

Mocktails for Dry July

The Lisalockstail

3 oz. Fresh orange juice

2 oz. fresh grapefruit juice

¾ oz. fresh ginger juice

½ oz agave syrup

3 dashes of Grapefruit Australian Bitters

Carbonated in soda siphon

Garnish with a piece of candied ginger or grapefruit peel Served in a Collins glass over fresh ice, striped straw

*At home version, without a juicer, muddle the ginger component in a mixing glass, shake, and then strain out into a Collins over fresh ice and top with 1.5 ozof soda from the bottle.

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