July 2017 Horoscopes by Jennifer Angel

July 2017 Horoscope

By Jennifer Angel

July 2017 Planetary Overview. It’s a month to stand up and be noticed, and to look and be your best!

The month of July kicks off with motivational Mars opposite powerful Pluto. This is a potent interaction and one that can force you out of your comfort zone and right into reality and maybe even trouble. So, take care, you don’t want to put yourself into harm’s way. This is not a time to take risks, with anything.

As Venus moves to Gemini, you can expect to communicate more, especially with your sweetheart. During the month, Mercury will move to Leo, as well as the Sun and Mars, which makes it a month to stand up and be noticed, as well as to look and be your best!

The full Moon in Capricorn focuses your attention on the highest level of importance. The Moon also connects with Pluto while opposite to the Sun, Mars and Mercury, making this a dynamic time to let go of anything standing in the way of your success. You can clear the way to move forward with certainty now.

The new Moon in Leo, and a Venus Jupiter connection can open your heart, but also your wallet, so be careful of being a spendthrift. Unpredictable Uranus will square/challenge both Mars and the Sun. Keep your schedule flexible as a sudden development can have you rearranging your game-plan. And as the Sun and Mars connect, the combined energy provides the motivation to get down to business and get things finished.

Later in the month, Mercury, will move to Virgo, one of the signs it rules, so its communicative creative energy is very comfortable here. Paying close attention to details will be easier now.

To close the month, Venus, the planet of love and money, will move to the more sensitive family oriented water sign of Cancer, which will connect you more with the women in your life.


You have choice this month, and decisions to make that can literally change your life, both at work and relating to your home environment. So, you will want to take your time, or as much time as you possibly can. Consult with family, but don’t allow anyone to change your mind. Sometimes, all you really need is a good listener. There is also the promise of money, but it is up to you to communicate what you need. And the energy of the new Moon brings with it the opportunity for new love to enter your life or for couples to recapture first love moments.


Early in the month, Venus, your ruler, will move to your money zone. In this area, you can attract more financial abundance and security. It is also a good planetary placement for investments and property. However, Venus is the temptress, so if you are on a savings plan, be sure to stick to it. Venus will also interact with Jupiter, midmonth, and focus your attention on your health, wellbeing and beauty. With love, be sure of yourself, remember how fabulous you are. And be careful you don’t become possessive of a love-mate. A career opportunity can be presented, get the facts in place, all the details, then make a decision.


Venus, the love goddess, enters your sign early in the month, sending the love vibe direct to your heart. And as she interacts with Jupiter, the combined energy promotes new love as well as refreshes love between couples. And an opposition between Venus and Saturn, planet of caution, will help to keep things real later in the month. As Mercury, your ruler, transits through three signs this month, your focus and discussions will range from money, to furthering your education to family matters, in that order. With money, as usual, keep everything above board, no secrets, or not too many of them.


It’s an action-packed month for Cancer, with the Sun in your sign, along with Mars, the motivator, and Mercury, as well as right at the end of the month, Venus will move in, as well. Love is very much in your stars, but be careful of a power battle with someone, remember, if you want something badly enough, you will make some compromises to have it. And with Venus entering later in the month, she sets the love vibe for the next month. Make sure you look and feel your best. There is a new start with money. A number of planets will move to your financial zone as well as a new Moon. Get ready to change and manage your financial affairs.


New Moon energy in your sign during the third week of the month, is the start of a new phase for Leo. And as the Sun, Mars and Mercury all make their way to your sign, too, there is no time to ponder about life. It’s time to get down to business and get going, just the way you like it! However, you will need to be organized and productive to capitalize on opportunities that cross your path. For work and career advancement, your imagination is sharp now, as is your intuition so pay attention to it. Friends can be helpful, but if you need to talk something over, choose carefully who you confide in. For love, be conscious of building a friendship.


A lucky break with work can come your way now, an opportunity that has the potential to boost your bank account and cash flow. You can connect with powerful and influential people, but be ready to move fast when you need to. Taking too long to respond to a situation could see you missing out. However, at the same time you want to be sure that an opportunity is right for you, and not get involved just because you can. On a personal note, love can be intense, and if you have to discuss a sensitive matter to clear the energy and put it behind you, do so. For new love, show your true self – no games.


Your career can take off now, big time! Make sure you are organized so you focus on the big picture, your highest level of priority, and not get caught up pesky details that are time consuming and distracting. For love, a soul connection is possible. If you meet someone new you will know instinctively if you are compatible. For couples, you can take your relationship to a deep level now, but it’s up you to open to doorway for discussion. Some of you could be travelling, particularly international. Family affairs may need sorting, and you will be given the chance to do that.


New Moon energy in your career zone indicates a fresh start in some way at work or with business. And as the Sun, Mars, and Mercury all move into this area of your star-chart, your focus is likely to be mainly on work. However, Venus is in your love zone right at the start of the month, so don’t neglect your heart. With a few interactions between Pluto and planets, be careful not to be brash when discussing certain matters. It is wise to do more listening than talking. And as Venus makes a move, she highlights financial affairs. A monetary situation could be good for the future. Be patient, with Saturn retrograde, it can take a while to eventuate.


Full Moon energy in your money zone, along with power planet Pluto interactions, can indicate that change to your finances is imminent. And although, with the influence of Mars, a situation can take you by surprise, it can work out to be better than you expect. However, you may not be in control. Keep a close eye on proceedings but don’t try not take over. Looking for love? Get out and be social, a friend could introduce you to someone special. Love is both romantic and passionate. The position of Venus and Mars get the attention of your heart. And a connection with someone amazing, can keep your attention.


Your life is on the way up! The full Moon in Capricorn can be a reality check on your life, where you are, where you want to be and changes to make to get there. A business opportunity or work advancement offer can come through, and be financially beneficial. Money can flow more easily to your life now, as can connections with influential people. The momentum in your life picks up. Get ready to ride the wave of activity to stay on top of everything. Love is very much in the stars, too. An interaction between Pluto, the Sun and Mars is powerful and can make or break a relationship. Either way, you will be better off. Create a ‘wow-factor” image!


This month, you have more to do than time to do it in. Be prepared to reschedule, postpone or cancel things, people and situations that are simply not on your priority list. But make time for love. The new Moon and position of Venus will demand your attention for romance. You will need to adopt a work life balance attitude. This will also help you not to burn out. An old friend can suddenly appear or reach out to give you a helping hand. Be gracious and say thank you. Your intuition is sharp as is your imagination, pay attention to it. When it’s about your health, don’t neglect your wellbeing. Do what is right for you. Once again, it’s about prioritizing.


It’s time to put you on the map – prepare to network and socialize! For business, things can happen quickly with opportunities being presented, but don’t be quick to agree or disagree. Ensure a situation is good for you, especially financially. Not all people and offers will be suitable. Check in with your intuition, if it doesn’t feel right, give it a pass. If you have a chance to give back to the community, do it, but recognize how much you can give without it being detrimental to your own schedule. And you do want to leave time for love. Your romantic and intimate life is full on now, too. Make time for someone especial.


Jennifer is resident astrologer to one of America’s most successful celebrity and entertainment magazines – Star!

Perhaps most well known for her work in New York’s Daily News, with a following of over one million readers, Jennifer attracted even more followers at with weekly videos, articles, including predictions on celebrity couples, sports teams, mayors, and presidents.

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