My Body Transformation in my 50s : Month Two

Since I first wrote about joining the gym and getting fit again, I have to say I'm very pleased with my own training discipline at Anytime Fitness, Potts Point. It's now going into my third month and without a doubt I feel stronger, fitter and much better. It's nice to feel muscle replacing fat. I'm really liking that. As I mentioned in my first article, I'm not trying to get my fab figure I had in my 20's, 30's and even 40's but I do feel just because I'm in my 50's that doesn't mean I can't look the best for my age.

I've been training with weights for nearly 3 months and this time I've really stuck with it.

What I have noticed is that I can do do pushups, I'm more flexible, I feel muscles forming in my arms and legs and I slowly getting back to a toned body.

I've recently changed by routine to:

Day One: 2 x leg exercise

2 x triceps exercise

1 x biceps exercise

2 x lats exercise

Day Two:

2 x shoulders exercise

1 x chest exercise

Push ups


Day Three:

Rest but some hoola hooping -


I'm not big on cardio and never have been but I do walk most places as I live near the city so walking is a nice option for me. I once read that's how French woman keep slim; they walk a lot. My next goal is to lose a few kilos and then maintain that weight. So hopefully when Spring comes along I will be confident to wear sleeveless tops and dresses again.

And here is the photo that started this gym craze. I looked at this photo my daughter took of me and it sent me into a 'must get fit again' overload, and that's exactly what I have been doing.

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