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When you need a job done; Airtasker to the rescue.


I was first introduced to Airtasker when I met the Founder, Tim Fung, a few years ago. In fact I interviewed him on a digital radio show that I used to co-host at the time. I was pretty impressed with how Tim saw a need for people to be able to hire others for all sorts of one-off jobs. From this realization, Airtasker was born.

Airtasker is the website to visit when you need help with almost any job you can think of. In a nutshell, you can hire people to do those tasks you can’t, or don’t want to yourself.

Airtasker gardening

I’ve seen some interesting tasks on the site, and you can pretty much list any sort of task for free such as work needed in the home and garden, IT issues, rubbish removal - How many times have you wanted to dump large items you don’t need anymore and thought you had to hang on to them until Council pick up day? Well not anymore, just hop on to Airtasker and put a task up, suggest a fair and reasonable budget, and you can have that problem sorted pronto. I was recently wondering how I’d get rid of an old mattress when I eventually move out of my apartment but now I know the easiest way is to put a task up and get someone to do it for me. To estimate a good rate, Airtasker have a list of rates for different categories here

Other jobs that you may wonder how you will ever get done, i.e. installing and mounting your TV can easily be done by putting a task up on Airtasker then choosing the most appropriate person once people start to apply.

When your task has been published Airtasker candidates will start to apply for the job. The best way to choose the right person is by reading the reviews by other hirers. There are a number of ways that workers can build up their reputation as reliable and trustworthy through various rating systems i.e. IKEA Badge, Commonwealth Bank Badge, Police Check Badge etc.

AIrtasker Mount TV

On accepting an offer, you add funds securely via Airtasker Pay which is released to the worker once the task is complete. There is no cash exchange between the hirer and the worker, making the process even simpler.

Once you have hired the worker, you can chat on private message and/or call the Airtasker worker.

So next time you are stuck on how to get a job done, consider Airtasker for:

  • Cleaning

  • Picking up items from a shop

  • Installing a TV

  • Removing rubbish

  • Painting a wall

  • Creating a resume

  • Fixing an IT problem

  • Walking the dog

  • Moving furniture

  • Mind your dogs when your are away

  • Cut grass

  • Remove carpet and underlay

  • Organise your home

  • Organise your wardrobes

  • Help pack when moving

  • Assemble DIY furniture

  • Help out in the office

  • Write for you

  • Build a website

  • Wash your car

  • Spring clean the house

  • Clean the windows

  • Catering

  • And the list goes on

And of course for those looking for some extra income they can register to apply as a worker.


Sydney Chic collaborated with Airtasker for this post. Please read our full Disclaimer here.

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