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Australia’s champion surfer, Sally Fitzgibbons shares her fitness workout with Sydney Chic

Demonstration photos supplied - photo above via Sally's Instagram

Australia’s champion surfer, Sally Fitzgibbons will be hosting a live fitness workout for 800 people as part of her All Australian Beach Body LIVE World Tour on Saturday, August 12, 2017. Participants will be taken through one of Sally’s inspiring, fun, high energy workouts that features a mix of strength, functional, cardio and signature surf moves.

For Sydney Chic readers Sally has shared her favourite workout to complement running season.

Take your running fitness to the next level with this equipment-free workout to strengthen, tone and stabilise your lower body and core.

Warm up for 5 minutes with some stretches and jogging or skipping on the spot.

Set 1:

30s narrow squats

30s high knees

60s donkey kicks (30 seconds each side)

40s bunny hops

Narrow Squats

How to do Donkey Kick Exercise

Bunny hops

Repeat 3 times, then rest 1 minute

Set 2:

40s glute bridge

45s surf warrior

40s step ups

60s skipping (skip on the spot if you don’t have a rope)

Stepping Up

Sally Fitzgibbons Exercise Routine

Repeat 3 times, then rest 1 minute

Set 3:

30s hold in dish

30s bicycle crunches

30s mountain climbers

30s high plank hold

Hold in Dish

Bicycle crunches

Mountain Climbers

High Plank Hold

Repeat 3 times, then warm down.

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